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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 548: Dominance Force

A tall figure was seen standing in the center of the door frame looking fierce and extraordinarily handsome and charming at the same time. That was the face that Florence had not seen for so long, Ernest’s real look. She had never thought that Ernest would appear at her most desperate and hopeless moment! He was like a savior from the sky landing in front of her along with glowing orbs of lights. “You… It’s not possible. ” His most loyal staff reported that Ernest was captured and was on the flight back to the Turner. He was supposed to be on the flight to the Tuner at this moment! How possible? How was it possible that he appeared here? On top of that, there were guards everywhere here, high-security enforcement. Ernest couldn't break in without alarming the security and guards! “Capture him now!” Despite in shocked, Benjamin was quick to give out the order. All the guards in the church took out their guns and pointed towards Ernest. But no one rushed in from outside. Benjamin’s face turned white, he knew something bad had happened. Florence on the other hand almost jumped in joy seeing Ernest but turned worried when she heard Benjamin’s order and guards with guns. She slammed Benjamin’s hands away and ran towards Ernest immediately. “Ernest, hide!” Benjamin managed to grab one of her arms and pulled her back into his arms as she was running. Benjamin’s face stiffened. His focus was on Ernest just now and he lost the ring when Florence slammed his hand. Florence had cost him two rings. He rejected his proposal twice! And now she wanted to run to Ernest? She wished! “You can’t run even if Ernest is here, he could only be the guest of our wedding. ” Benjamin said with a vicious face. “Since he is here, I will kill him on behalf of the Turner!” Florence became nervous and she struggled even harder to be free. Ernest watched Florence struggling, his sight turned darker and sharper. He only saw Florence and only looked at her as he approached; he completely disregarded the guards around

He was temporarily safe from the snipers, but two bullets hit his body nonetheless. Although it didn’t kill him, it wounded him. The pain turned his face white; it took all his energy to stand up steadily

. On the other hand, Florence fell into familiar arms She could smell the familiar fragrance from her man, his warm embraced calmed her terror and once again she landed in her harbor. She immediately grabbed tightly on his shirt and took shelter in his arms She missed him terribly these few days, she was worried during the day and dreamt of him at night. Today, he appeared before her out of nowhere and saved her. He was her hero. All the struggles suffer, terrors she experienced vanished in a second. It pained Ernest looking at the woman in his arms, her terrifying and pale face. He put his hand on her cheek and said, “I’m sorry for being late. ” Because of that, she was forced to suffer beside Benjamin. Florence shook her head, “No, no, you are just in time. ” She looked at him and checked if he was injured and let out a sigh of relief after making sure he was not wounded. “How did you find here? How did you know I’m here? Will you be alright since your identity as Clarence is exposed now?” A series of questions came out of Florence’s mouth. Ernest felt warm looking at her worrying face. She disregarded her injury on the neck but was so concerned about him. Her concern almost melted his heart. Ernest looked down and pressed his lips against her forehead. “I’ll explain in details later, now I need to take care of Benjamin. ” He said lightly.