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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 157: Don’t Do It in Front of Other People

Florence couldn’t fall asleep again after returning to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and felt her mind was in turmoil. She couldn’t figure out why Ernest was determined to marry her and even rescued her without even caring about his own safety. Ernest had been treating her well during this period of time and she remembered everything that he had done for her. She even doubted the authenticity of the thing that Gemma was Ernest’s girlfriend and the reason why Ernest wanted to marry her was that he wanted to take advantage of her to be a surrogate mother for him and Gemma… Things were totally different from what others had told her and it seemed that what she saw and felt was more plausible. She always had a feeling that the relationship between Ernest and Gemma was not like what Gemma had told her. But she couldn’t figure out what their true relationship was. “Click. ” When Florence was lost in her random thoughts, the door was opened from the outside. Ernest’s tall figure showed up at the door. He gazed at Florence and knitted his brows. He strode towards her, “Did you have a nightmare?” Florence was stunned because she really had a nightmare just now. She recalled that when she woke up last time, Ernest was sitting by the bedside and holding her hand. Could it be that she was having a nightmare at that time and he was consoling her in this manner? Florence felt more flustered and confused. She shook her head and said in a gentle voice, “Nope. I woke up naturally. ” Ernest had walked to her bedside and naturally sat down onto the bed. He bluntly looked at her up and down, still furrowing his brows, “Are you feeling uncomfortable now?” She looked bad right now. “Nope. ” Florence shook her head again. She was quite confused and wanted to ask him some questions, but she didn’t know how to start the topic. She had not prepared herself for his answer yet. Ernest’s gaze became gloomy as he keenly sensed that Florence seemed to be in a bad mood. Nevertheless, it was apparent that she didn’t want to tell him about this. He didn’t probe into this question, “Harold has arrived. Let him have a checkup for you. ” “Okay. ” Florence nodded her head in agreement. But Ernest didn’t move. He simply gazed at her and his gaze became more and more unfathomable. Florence was confused, “What’s wrong?” Ernest pressed his thin lips. There seemed to be a minority of worry and a majority of helplessness in his eyes

It was Ernest who treated your wounds back then. ” “What?” Florence widened her eyes in shock. There were many wounds on her body

. Although the wounds on her face were the most obvious ones, she had many wounds on the body because those men kicked her before and there were also many scratches. All the wounds on her body had been bandaged. She thought that it was a doctor who had bandaged her wounds and it was acceptable. But now she learned that Ernest had bandaged her wounds in person… “Er… Er… Ernest…”Staring at Ernest, Florence felt like her mind had tonally gone blank and her face became redder and redder. Ernest was not proficient in this, why it was him who treated her wounds?Ernest simply stood by the bedside straightly with a cold look when seeing the embarrassment on Florence’s face. He said flatly, “It was not the first time for me to see your body. You should be accustomed to it?Accustomed? How could she get accustomed to it?Florence was choked. Her face turned burning hot. Even if he had seen her body before, Harold was still in the room now, didn’t he feel ashamed when mentioning about this in front of Harold?Florence felt extremely embarrassed. “I’m really fine. There’s no problem with my body. Mr. Hammer, you can come back first. ”“But Flory, you need to change the medicine and bandages. ”Florence was rendered speechless. She gazed at the two men embarrassedly and then said in a serious tone, “Get me a female doctor or female nurse. ”Harold shook his head, “No, I can’t. ”“Why?” Florence asked in confusion. Could it be that her wounds were so serious that only a professional attending doctor could treat them?Unexpectedly, Harold replied, “You’re Ernest’s future wife, so other people, females or males, are not allowed to see your body, not to mentioning touching you. ”Florence was choked. What the hell was this logic?They were not in ancient times! Moreover, even if they were in ancient times, not allowing a woman to see her body was really unreasonable. Ernest remained composed under Florence’s questioning gaze and sat down by the bedside. He said in a calm voice, “If it’s the other person to treat your wounds, I will feel worried. ”He said word by word nonchalantly as it was the most normal thing. But Florence’s heart thumped wildly when hearing his words. He said he was worried about her.