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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 352: Don’t Go

Florence did not sit on the couch for long. She scrambled to her feet and stood up with effort. She glanced around the room with confused eyes and her face contorted. What is this place? Where is she? Her head was full of questions but the most important one was - where is the toilet? She felt like throwing up. Florence covered her upset stomach and managed to make out the direction of the bathroom. She hurriedly staggered there and opened the door. Without even thinking, she rushed in and started to search for the toilet bowl. Yet, the first thing she saw was not the toilet, but a man’s pale skin, strong muscles and perfect lean body. She was immediately startled. What a handsome man. And he had great body! Florence blinked and looked at him in a daze. She even nodded. “How big. ” Ernest did not look good at all in the middle of shower. He was taking a shower and he could not possibly imagine Florence would suddenly invade in. Invading aside, she even stared at him like a pervert. And staring aside, she even made a comment! Didn’t she know what her words mean towards a man? “Get out!” Ernest criticized with a coarse voice and instantly took a towel from the side to cover his body. Florence became a little unhappy at once. “Take it off, I can’t see it. ” As she said, she even came forward and snatched the towel away. Ernest’s body went so stiff that he looked like a giant iceberg. And something hot was going to burst out of that iceberg. His handsome face went gloomy. He seized the towel back and took two steps backward, warning with a low voice, “Florence, don’t mess with me even if you’re drunk! You can’t handle the consequence. ” How would Florence who was drunk and befuddled understand his meaning? There was only one thought in her jumbled up mind. She snatched the towel away and continued looking at it with enjoyment. She was not yet satisfied looking. She took another two steps forward while staggering and once again stood before Ernest up close. She lowered her head and looked at the towel with excitement in her eyes. She extended her hand, wanting to pull it away once again

Just then, Florence opened her mouth once again and engulfed all of his lower lip. Not only she wanted to bite his lips back, she wanted to tear it and eat it. Florence was working very hard, yet that slight pain was an irresistible stimulus to a man who was in the middle of rage

. Ernest lost his last bit of rational mind. He hugged her and returned the favor…Florence lied on the bed weakly. She could feel the softness of the bed under her and she felt comfortable. Her eyelids twitched and she did feel sleepy. It was time to sleep. She secretly closed her eyes and fell asleep in just a blink of an eye. Ernest was kissing her. “Florence, I’m coming…” He swallowed his words when he saw her face. He stared at her with shock. With rosy cheeks, she was sleeping soundly. Did she have any idea what they were doing now? How could she manage to sleep!Ernest’s fire of lust was doused at once and his excitement was completely gone. He stooped and looked at her, heaving a sigh. What could he argue with a drunk person? Ernest pulled down his face, flipped and lied down beside her. He would not do anything to her when she was asleep. Maybe he needed a cold shower. As he was about to get up and go to the bathroom, a delicate arm was suddenly put on him. As if hugging a gigantic stuffed toy, Florence hugged Ernest tightly. She adjusted to a more comfortable position and continued to sleep. Ernest did not know what to say. That woman was playing with fire, did she really think he had a good temper?With a gloomy look, he gently moved her arm away, lifted her legs and pushed her to the side. Yet as he was going to stand up once again, Florence rolled over like a ball and she put her arms around him like a koala bear. She wrinkled her eyebrows and muttered, “Don’t go. ” Her voice was soft yet it could make one anxious and heartache. Ernest’s expression slightly changed and he rumbled, “Do you know who I am?” If she knew it was him, she would not refuse to let him go. Florence answered in a confused state, “Ernest…” That name struck Ernest’s heart.