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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 626: Don’t Rush

A gunshot marriage? That meant making love to her before marrying her. Florence wondered if they would do it soon. Feeling so shy, Florence was about to push away Ernest. However, the possibility that Ernest might have lost his birth ability reminded her. Her hands were stiffened. If Ernest truly had lost his birth ability, he wouldn’t only face the punishment from the Turner family, but also her parents would never agree with her to be with Ernest. There would be more obstacles between them. However, if she could be pregnant with Ernest’s baby, all the difficulties between them would become bubbles, which could vanish soon. In that case, they could have the gunshot marriage smoothly. That was the most perfect future that Florence could imagine. While Florence was thinking of that, her struggling hands grabbed Ernest’s gently. Looking at his handsome face that was so close to her, she blushed, plucked up all her courage, leaned forward, and kissed his thin lips. Ernest suddenly stiffed. He looked at Florence who changed so abruptly. Florence’s eyes twinkled. Biting her bottom lip, she closed her eyes. She was nestling in his arms just like a beautifully blossomed flower that was willing to let Ernest pick up. Ernest gazed at her. His eyes instantly became quite deep as if they were deep pools. His breath seemed to be ignited in an instant, becoming heated and heavy as if it would burn them both into ashes. They were alone in the room, willing to make love to each other. Everything was just right. He would pick up this flower. His suppressed physical desire suddenly boiled to the extreme. The beast that was restrained in his body roared, wanting to eat Florence alive. He got closer to her again, almost failing to suppress himself. The desire of making love to her almost ruined his reason. However- When he was only a few millimeters away from Florence’s lips, Ernest suddenly froze all his movements, unable to progress it at all. His face changed from passionate to solemn. He was struggling. If he wanted to make love to her, it would work. However, he wasn’t certain about his health condition now, so he couldn’t be sure if he would be able to make her happy all her life in the future. He wanted to give her the best in the world, including the most perfect life, the happiest life, as well as the most adorable kids. He didn’t want there would be any regrets or defects in her life. He wouldn’t be able to face it if the defect in her life was caused by him. Ernest felt quite depressed, and his mind was messy

“He wasn’t capable enough and came to his end. He deserved it. This is his destiny

. ”“But, Master, Benjamin was a well-trained heir in our Turner family. All his abilities and everything matched to be the master of our family. Only he could lead our family to a better future. “From this aspect, Ernest Hawkins could never be able to do it. He was arrogant and never consider our Turner family. When he’s doing things, he never considered our family interests. “Moreover, I know the effect of Benjamin’s drug. It’s pretty strong and will take effect immediately. Even Ernest Hawkins insisted that it hadn’t taken effect completely, his health should have been seriously ruined. He wouldn’t be able to have a baby this life. “According to the rules of our family, if he has lost his birth ability, he can never be the heir. Otherwise, the impure blood would cause more uncertainties in the fights for heirs. “Currently, no matter from which perspective, Ernest Hawkins isn’t suitable to be our future master. Rescuing Benjamin and bring him back should be the most suitable choice. ”Upon listening to him, Theodore understood everything. He stared at the gray-haired elder deeply and said in a strict tone, “I know you want to help Benjamin Turner. Also, you want him to inherit the family. “However, all the decisions I make must be based on our family interests as the highest priority. Just wait and see. Later, Collin Campbell will announce the examination result. If Ernest is still able to give birth, we don’t have the right to abolish him as the heir. ”The gray-haired elder frowned deeply, many wrinkles appeared on his face. Gritting his teeth, he asked, “What if Ernest Hawkins doesn’t have the ability?”Theodore frowned deeply. His eyes were darkened. He whispered, “Then we’ll rescue Benjamin at all cost. ”The Turner family needed an heir. A ray of hope rose in the gray-haired elder’s gloomy eyes. He strongly believed that Ernest had certainly lost his birth ability. What he should do now was to keep Benjamin alive before the examination result was announced. “Stanford Fraser has promised me to visit Benjamin. I want to go to see him now. Before the result comes out, he must hang on!”As he spoke, the gray-haired elder couldn’t wait to go out of the study. Besides, he was worried that the Fraser family would kill Benjamin to protect Ernest as soon as Collin had got the result that Ernest couldn’t give birth