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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 529: Don’t Touch Me!

Honor? It was disgusting! Florence’s body tensed up because of nervousness. She put her palms on his shoulders and used all her strength to stop his approach. “Benjamin, dare you to touch me, I will not cooperate with you on any matter again. ” But apparently, Benjamin was not afraid of her threat at all. He grabbed Florence’s wrist sand forcibly pinned her hands above her head. He gradually lowered his body. “Florence, you’re now under my control. You can only be obedient to me. ” She was like a thorny rose in his eyes. But Benjamin was determined to remove all her thorns. With a fierce look, he abruptly lowered his head and his lips approach hers. Florence was highly strung up when sensing the unfamiliar breath. She felt it stomach-churning. She was overwhelmed by nausea and horror. Flustered, she hurriedly turned her head. Benjamin’s lips landed on her cheek. His lips were icy-cold and she felt a stinging coldness when it touched her cheek. Florence knitted her brows in disgust and struggled with all her strength. “Benjamin, fuck off! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” She screamed desperately and she was on the verge of mental breakdown. Seeing that Florence finally felt scared, Benjamin curled his lips into a triumphant smile. He was in a good mood now. He wanted to destroy all of her arrogance and courage. “Enjoy me. ” His cold fingers cruised all the way down her chin, neck and then her collarbone. He then quickly unbuttoned her shirt. The buttons were unclasped one by one… The cloth before her chest was removed and Florence felt a gush of cold aid. She became stiff because of the chill and trembled in fright. Flurried, she also broke down mentally, “Let go of me. Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” She screamed hysterically, but it didn’t win a glimmer of sympathy from Benjamin. Instead, it triggered this demon’s interest. Benjamin’s eyes became gloomier and gloomier. He suddenly increased some force on his fingers and tore apart all of the rest buttons

Benjamin was so prudent that he even blocked every possible way for her to escape. Flustered, Florence stood by the door with her body tensed up. Benjamin suddenly looked up at Florence

. He gave an order, “Come over. ” Was she so silly that she would listen to his words?Florence looked at him vigilantly and clung tightly to the door while observing the surroundings, trying to find a knife or a stick. Seeing that Florence remained motionless, Benjamin was a bit displeased. He said in a deep voice, “Don’t you want to know what message Benjamin has sent you?”“I don’t want to. ”Florence replied without hesitation. It was true that she didn’t want to know about the contents of the message now. No matter what Ernest had sent her, it would only be used by Benjamin. And it would not help save her. She was now under Benjamin’s control, and she couldn’t implicate Ernest. Benjamin sneered sarcastically, “Looks like you’re not that affectionate to him. ”He then waved the screen at Florence. “He said he misses you. ”Florence’s heart abruptly skipped one beat. She was overwhelmed by waves of distress and depression again. Ernest rarely said these romantic words and what a pity that she couldn’t reply him this time. Benjamin observed Florence’s reaction with a pair of sharp eyes, a touch of knowing smile flashed across his eyes. He then keyed a reply on the phone. Florence felt so nervous when seeing his action. What did Benjamin send Ernest through her phone and with her identity?Benjamin was not a person who would chat casually with the other people. Apparently, there was a conspiracy. Florence was so worried and she wanted to walk forwards to check the message. But Benjamin’s behavior scared her just now. She stood there stiffly, not daring to approach him. “Ding Dong. ”There was the ringing tone of message again. Benjamin curled his lips into a scornful smile and said, “Flory, looks like Ernest is not that affectionate either. Otherwise, why couldn’t he distinguish who was the one to send him the message?”The words couldn’t deliver voice, image, or emotion. How could Ernest recognize it through several lines of words?Depressed, Florence clenched her fists tightly and squeezed out several words word by word, “Benjamin, what the hell do you want to do?”