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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 119: Don’t You Want to Be Responsible?

Noticing that Florence was sitting motionlessly, Ernest looked up at her, “Don’t you like it?” “Not really. ” Florence shook her head. She passed the lunch box back to Ernest. “It takes good. Why don’t you have this?” The noodles tasted quite bad. “I don’t eat others’ food,” Ernest answered firmly. He used the chopsticks to pick up a bunch of noodles, and he soon finished the whole bowl of noodles. Florence looked at him in surprise. She hardly could believe what she had heard. Did Ernest say that things brought by Gemma were “others’ food”? Wasn’t Gemma his girlfriend? Confusion surged in her heart, making Florence quite puzzled. Suddenly she raised an idea that had never occurred to her before. Was it possible that between Ernest and Gemma. She finished eating while feeling complicated. Seeing that there was nothing else for her to do for Ernest, Florence told him that she would go back home. Ernest gazed at her. Then he said in a tone as if he was giving a command, “Stay here tonight. ” Florence blushed, shaking her head. “No, thanks. I need to go home. ” How could she stay overnight in a man’s house for no reason? She wondered what was on Ernest’s mind when he requested her just now. Florence turned around and was about to walk outside, but her wrist was grabbed by Ernest’s big hand. He said naturally, “If you leave, whom I should call for help if I want to drink water at night?” After a pause, he added, “The noodles just now were so salty. ” Florence was speechless. She watched him finish the whole bowl of noodles. She thought his sense of taste didn’t work and couldn’t find how salty the noodles were. “But Mr. Hawkins, it was your left hand that’s injured. You can pour the water using your right hand. ” Ernest looked more annoyed. He gazed at Florence with seriousness. “So don’t you want to be responsible?” Florence couldn’t understand why it had something to do with being responsible. She felt so depressed and aggrieved. When she was about to reason with him, suddenly Ernest covered his arm under the bandage and a hint of pain appeared on his face. “What’s wrong, Mr. Hawkins?” Florence’s heart instantly jumped to her throat. Worried, she reached out to grab his hand. Ernest, however, dodged from his hand, looking quite cold and aloof. “You don’t need to worry about me. Go home. ” How could Florence go home with relief now? She blurted out, “I won’t go home tonight. Let me take a look at your arm. Has the infection become worse?” They didn’t go to the hospital

” As she spoke, she wanted to walk to the sofa. Ernest gazed at her and said in a low voice, “Come here. ” “For what?”Florence looked at him warily without moving

. Ernest glanced at the documents in front of him and shook his bandaged left hand. “It’s not convenient. ”The white bandage looked dazzling, which made Florence feel guilty again. She walked slowly to the desk. “What can I do for you?”Ernest reached out and pulled Florence to sit on his lap. They suddenly became so close that they could hear each other’s breath. Florence suddenly became stiffened. She immediately struggled to stand up. “Please let go of me, Mr. Hawkins. ”Ernest’s arms wrapped around her waist, making her trapped in his arms firmly. His tone was quite solemn. “Turn the pages for me. ”“Please. Please let go of me first. ”“Woman, do you know it’s kind of seduction when you’re twisting at random in a man’s arms?”Ernest’s voice became hoarse. His thin lips approached her ear, and her voice sounded quite dangerous. “I don’t have much control of myself for you. ”Instantly, Florence was taken aback. She felt limp and numb as if she got an electric shock. She blushed, feeling as if she was sitting on pins and needles. Sensing that she had become obedient, Ernest curled up his lips into a smile. His chin nodded. “Turn the page. ”Florence didn’t speak, wondering if she could change a posture. Feeling the breath from the man who was quite close, she reached out in a complete tizzy, turning a page of the document. Ernest’s gaze was always glued on her face. Without looking at the document, he approached her ear and his thin lips exhaled lightly. “Turn another page. ”Florence felt that her ear was like being burnt and she might lose it. Stiffened, Florence was like a cat on hot bricks, feeling totally jacked. She immediately turned another page. Without waiting for Ernest’s command, she turned another page after a short while. At the moment, Ernest said, “Too fast. Turn it back. ”His warm breath blew into her ear as if it was blown to her heart.