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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 401: Don’t You Want to Be with Me?

Under Ernest’s gaze, Florence felt so uneasy. She urged him shyly, “Hurry up and go. My brother is coming back soon. ” Ernest checked the time on his cell phone. He picked up the blouse from the bed and approached Florence. “Still early. Put it on. ” Although Stanford was her brother, Ernest was still quite unhappy because Stanford had seen her naked arms. Seeing that Ernest was trying to put on the blouse on her shoulders, Florence pulled up the quilt and wrapped herself more tightly. They had almost made love, but they were together in a short time. She didn’t think they were so intimate that he could help her get dressed. That was way too shameful. “I can do it myself. I’ll put it on. ” As she spoke, Florence snatched the blouse from Ernest’s hands. Then she hid in the quilt together with the blouse. Ernest was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at her deeply with a playful smile. “When did you learn to put on clothes under the quilt?” Florence blushed more deeply in embarrassment. She glared at him, “Stop looking at me. Turn around. ” “I’ve seen everything just now. Why are you so shy?” Ernest teased her playfully. However, he turned around gracefully with his tall and strong back to her. His voice was still full of amusement. He said, “I’ll see it every day in the future. You should get used to it as soon as possible. ” He sounded as if this time was the only time that he had allowed her to hide from him when getting dressed. Florence glared at his back. How she wished that she could smash the blouse onto his face. How could this man be so shameless? She truly didn’t have much time, and she was afraid that Stanford would see Ernest after coming back. She dared not to waste any time and put on her clothes quickly. After that, she immediately hopped off the bed, reached out, and pulled Ernest. Off guard, Ernest was a bit taken aback when being pulled by a small hand. He looked at Florence tenderly and held her hand back. “What’s wrong?” he asked in a low voice. The heat and strength from his hand stiffened Florence, who blushed again. Her eyes twinkled. She pulled him towards the window. “Did you come in from here? You can leave in the same way. ” Ernest pulled Florence into his arms. He bent down his head and stared at her deeply. “Do you want me to leave so eagerly? Don’t you want to be with me?” Of course, Florence didn’t mean that. She was just worried that there wouldn’t be enough time

She didn’t know how long she had been standing there. Behind her, suddenly, she heard the click on her door. Along with the click, she heard a man’s worrying voice

. “Flory, why are you standing in front of the open window? You are on fever. You should avoid the wind. ” As he spoke, Stanford rushed over and closed the window. Looking at the closed window, Florence was taken aback for a moment. Now she couldn’t even see anything outside the window. She heaved a sigh in secret, quite disappointed. Then she made an excuse. “I just felt a bit hot, so I wanted to get some wind to cool down. ”“Good girl. The doctor is here. Just endure it. You’ll get well after seeing him. ”Stanford’s tone was like coaxing a baby. Florence felt a bit helpless. Stanford did treat her very well, but he always coaxed and doted her like doing that to a baby. That was why her family didn’t trust her judgment on the matter of Ernest and locked her up protectively in the villa so that she couldn’t go out to find Ernest. After all, it was all because that they cared about her. Although she was helpless, she couldn’t complain. She decided to find a way and remove the stereotypes in their hearts gradually. The doctor checked her up, and naturally, he couldn’t find anything wrong. After confirming, again and again, Stanford finally rested assured. After Florence lay down, he finally left her room. Out of her room, Stanford pulled out his cell phone again. Looking at the strong signal on it, he frowned in confusion. He wondered what had happened just now. There was no signal earlier, but now it was back. Such a technical problem had never occurred in the Fraser family’s house before. He decided to push the employees from the network department. After Stanford was gone, Florence, who pretended to sleep obediently, immediately sat up on the bed. Then she pulled out her old cell phone. She tabbed the WeChat app and sent a message to Ernest. Florence: “Where are you now? Have you got out safely?”After waiting for several seconds, she didn’t receive any reply from Ernest. Florence gazed at the screen without a blink, feeling nervous. She wondered if he was still on the way so he didn’t have time to check his phone. After all, he was leaving in the dark and had to make it secret. While she was worrying, a video chat invitation was sent to her. It was from Ernest. Immediately, Florence pinched her phone tightly, wondering why he wanted to have a video chat with her at this time.