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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 219: Don’t You Want to Leave?

Flustered, she pushed Ernest away. With a blushed face, she walked aside in a hurry, keeping a safer distance from him. “You. Please have dinner. The dishes are getting cold. ” “Let’s eat together, shall we?” “No, thank you. I’m not hungry yet. ” Florence looked away and refused, her heart still hammering. Ernest didn’t insist. He sat down at the table gracefully. He didn’t have the habit to have the midnight snack, but since they were prepared by Florence for him, he would certainly eat them. While eating, he said, “Come back to City N with me tomorrow, OK?” Florence refused without any hesitation, “No, I won’t go back. ” Ernest frowned slightly. “What are you doing here? You were not in the original plan of the design team. You don’t have any tasks to complete, either. ” “I have a study task to complete. Although I’ve been here only for three days, I’ve learned a lot of new things. Also, I got familiar with the local fashion in Riverside City, which couldn’t be learned in City N. “So I do want to stay and continue learning it. Mr. Hawkins, you can go back first. ” Florence was quite determined. Ernest’s hand that was holding the chopsticks paused, and he looked kind of unhappy. He wasn’t unhappy that Florence insisted on staying. Instead, he was unhappy that she asked him to leave alone first. He had chased after her all the way from City N to Riverside City. How come she didn’t feel happy about it? How could she want him to leave so eagerly? “Pak. ” Ernest put down the chopsticks. He stood up, turned around, and strode to Florence. He looked annoyed and a huge shadow attacked her along with his tall and strong body, making her so frightened. Florence’s heart shrank immediately. She hopped up from the sofa in an instant, taking steps back on alert. “Mr. Hawkins, we can talk peacefully. ” Ernest pressed his lips without speaking, striding towards her step by step. The atmosphere in the room became lower. Flustered, Florence kept taking steps back. Gradually, she felt her back was against the wall. There was no way for her to back. At the same time, the man’s tall and strong body stood in front of her. He approached her, stressing each syllable, “Don’t you want to leave?” Florence’s heart was hammering so fast that it almost jumped out from her throat. She almost gave up and wanted to tell him that she was willing to leave. However, if she went back so soon, she would probably be urged to decide their wedding day again. That was something that made her more panicked. She clenched her fingers tightly, trying hard to encourage herself. Nodding, she answered, “I want to stay

Looking at Florence, he said determinedly, “Get in the car. ” Florence was taken aback. She wondered what Ernest was doing here at this time

. She didn’t move, asking, “Mr. Hawkins, I’m going to work with Mr. Myron. ” That meant she couldn’t get into Ernest’s car. “Get in the car,” Ernest uttered the words firmly, “I’ll drive you there. ”Florence was more shocked. Ernest should stay in the hotel room, but he deliberately came downstairs and drove his car just for giving her a ride. Wouldn’t it be more convenient and faster for her to take Reynold’s car?“Please don’t bother. ”“Florence, I don’t want to repeat it for the third time. ”She could hear that there was a hint of threat in Ernest’s tone. If she refused him again and didn’t move, he would stop her from going to work. Florence was speechless. After all, he was still her boss, so she had to obey. She said to Reynold in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, Mr. Myron. I’m going to take Mr. Hawkins’ car. Let’s meet at the destination, OK?”Reynold looked at Florence deeply, seemingly quite unhappy. He had never expected that the superior and super busy Mr. Hawkins would be so idle to be the driver for Florence. It seemed that Ernest was avoiding him like fighting against a thief, wasn’t he? Ernest didn’t even want to give a single chance to him and Florence. However, no matter what, during the study, Ernest wouldn’t follow them all the time, would he? Reynold believed that he still had a chance to get along with Florence alone. At the thought of it, Reynold felt much better. With a smile, he answered, “Sure. ”Seeing that Reynold was so gentle, Florence felt more embarrassed again. She couldn’t help bitching that Ernest was so petty. Then, Florence opened the door of the car and sat on the passenger seat. Looking at the man next to her, she was a bit depressed. “Mr. Hawkins, are you also going to work in the New District?”She thought that was why he could give her a ride, which seemed quite reasonable. Much to her surprise, Ernest shook his head. He indifferently said some words that made her extremely shocked that her jaw even dropped, “I’m driving you there deliberately. ”Florence was startled while sitting there as if she had become a fossil. Deliberately?She couldn’t believe how come Ernest could be so idle. All the way, Florence was quite confused. She took a glance at Ernest in secret from time to time, wondering what on earth was wrong with him today. He seemed quite abnormal. Suddenly, Ernest pulled over the car to the emergency lane and stopped. Florence was confused. “What’s wrong?”Ernest unfastened his seat belt, bent over, and approached Florence. His tall and strong body with a refreshing scent immediately embraced her in his arms.