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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 514: Double-Crossing Her Brother

Even if saying that the future was quite good, she felt uneasy all the time as Benjamin wouldn’t stop so easily. God knew what else he would do, whether he would go insane. She still had to be tensed up and on guard for the next two days. “Aih!” Phoebe leaned against the wall and let out another heavy sigh, feeling lost. Florence was puzzled, “Phoebe, what’s wrong?” “I envy you for having a boyfriend as perfect and handsome as Ernest. But what about me…” She looked miserably in the direction of the door. The more she thought about it, the more desperate she was, “My dream guy, seeing me in such a mess, and even knowing that I have diarrhoea. My image is ruined. How can I still pick him up in the future?” Florence curled her lips. Was this really okay to talk outright of picking up on her brother in front of Florence? Florence felt that she should be on her brother’s side. However, what Florence said was, “Anyway, you are the only female around my brother. You should be more polished, act more lady-like and re-establish your image in the future. Then, you will still have the chance. After all, there’s no one to steal from you either. ” Phoebe’s eyes lit up. She was in a unique position to approach Stanford with impunity, with her status as Florence’s best friend. If she couldn’t do it once, it might work after several attempts. Phoebe was roused immediately and went over to grab Florence’s arms, saying in a coy voice, “Flory, you’re my best friend. You have to help me. Before I succeed in becoming your sister-in-law, you have to keep me by your side to accompany you. ” Flory was speechless. Was it good to double-cross her brother like this? Phoebe called herself sister-in-law even before getting her hands on it. “You can stay in my house as long as you want. ” Florence readily agreed. After all, Phoebe was her best friend. Phoebe smiled joyfully. She hugged Florence and kissed her. “I love you, babe. ” Florence reached out to wipe her face immediately, “You’ve got your lipstick on my face!” “I did it on purpose!” Phoebe laughed mischievously and even stuck her tongue out at Florence. Phoebe made Florence happy and angry at the same time. When Florence was about to use her lipstick-stained hand to rub Phoebe’s face, Phoebe fled away to the bathroom instantly

Phoebe immediately became confident again, with her eyes sparkling, looking at Stanford with a weak, shy face. “It’s so late already. There’s no need to bother Mr

. Campbell. I’ll just endure it. ”Phoebe looked so thoughtful and pitiful, which softened others’ hearts. Stanford had no resistance to this, thinking that Phoebe must be hard to endure the pain. “It’s fine. I’ll send you to him. ”With that, Stanford then held Phoebe steadily and headed outside at a moderate pace. Florence was standing in the doorway, couldn’t help but smile and sympathize with her brother. Stanford was so wise, but how couldn’t he see that Phoebe was faking it?Phoebe didn’t even have the slightest hint of stomach pain. She was well enough to drink dozens of beers without any problem. But, in the end, Florence didn’t expose Phoebe’s act. She followed behind them with tears and laughter, watching Phoebe leaning weakly into Stanford’s arms. Stanford wasn’t well adapted to being so close with a woman, but he didn’t have any uncomfortable thoughts for the first time in his life. He reassured himself that he was just worried about Phoebe’s health and took care of the patient. That was all. As they got back to the Fraser family, Stanford took Phoebe to see Collin. Knowing that Phoebe wasn’t sick, Florence didn’t bother to follow them and being the third wheel. So she went to the central courtyard to meet Victoria and Alexander on the pretext that she had to explain Benjamin’s affairs to her parents. Originally, Stanford was going to go with her, as he was the most appropriate person to speak about this matter. But he was still worried when seeing Phoebe’s weak appearance. He could only talk some words to Florence and let her go back first. He would then come over when he was done. Stanford had decided to let Benjamin leave the Fraser family because he had seen Benjamin’s inappropriate actions in the women’s washroom on the spot and his impulsive anger. After all, Victoria and Alexander weren’t on the spot at that time, and they were also more sophisticated and calm. They would probably not approve of letting Benjamin leave just like that. Florence had managed to win Stanford’s approval, and she didn’t want to lose out to her parents like that