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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 601: Drag Florence Along?

Ernest said, “I guessed. ” “Guess?” Florence widened her eyes, how could one guess such a thing? She witnessed how badly Benjamin was tortured but kept silent, Florence had no idea at all how did he make Benjamin revealed everything. But Stanford’s plan was another mystery to her. Ernest had just waked up yesterday and had not seen Benjamin but knew Stanford plan’s on Benjamin? Was he for real? Florence looked at Ernest in doubt. Ernest had put on clothes and let Florence stared and him with a smile on his face. He explained patiently, “You are not the only reason your brother agreed to let me stay here when I was unconscious. ” Florence stunned, “What other reason could there be?” “Benjamin. ” Ernest’s sight deepened. “He had predicted that Benjamin will not admit his wrongdoings, so he had two plans in hand. The plan that guaranteed success could only be done after I woke up. ” It was related to Ernest? Florence was interested, she looked at Ernest curiously, “Go on. ” Ernest laughed and stroke Florence’s hair. He then continued, “Benjamin’s priority was the power of the Turner, but that was also the one thing that destroys him. If Stanford and I bring a half-dead Benjamin back to the Fraser and exposed everything he had done, he will lose the protection from the Turner. While I on the other hand could be the only heir of the Turner, no one could compete with me as the master of the Turner family. How devastated Benjamin would be if he saw this?” Not only devastated but he would collapse instantly, destroyed completely. All his effort, power and even hatred would be crushed into ashes. “Even if this happens, the vicious Benjamin will surely drag Clarence along,” Florence said doubtfully. And this would stop Clarence from telling the truth. Ernest’s sight was sharp as a knife. He smiled, “What if Benjamin escapes under such a situation?” “Escape?” Florence stunned

Florence smiled and looked at Ernest, “You guessed my brother’s plan or it was your own thoughts?” Ernest stroke Florence’s hair and replied lightly, “Both. ” He thought about this way and knew Stanford would do it this way too. The two of them were brilliant

. Florence looked at him and said bitterly, “I’m envious of your intelligence. ” She was surprised and in awe of their brilliant plan. It was not something she could think of. Ernest pulled her into his arms and looked at her passionately. “Well, I don’t mind sharing my intelligence with you. ” Florence blinked and looked at him blankly, “How?” “Like this. ” He then pressed his lips against hers. They kissed passionately, sometimes rough, sometimes soft. He put his tongue into her mouth and began stimulating her sexual pleasure. Florence was startled by the surprise attacked, her cheeks were burning and her brain had gone completely blank. She was thinking about something, the sharing he meant, was this…Like how he could share his cold if he had one, through kissing. He was taking advantage of her!Even so, she felt like he sucked out all her energy and fell softly in his arms, she had no energy even to free herself. The sunlight shone brightly on the outside, she, on the other hand like a puddle of melted ice. Ernest’s kiss became more invasive and passionate, his flames couldn’t be contained any longer. His breathing was heavy and rapid with his hands moved slowly into Florence’s skirt. But he stopped the moment his fingers touched her fair skin. Stanford’s words replayed in his ears, “If you became infertile, do you want to drag Florence along?”