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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 511: Drive Him Away

Stanford’s subordinate held the tablet and handed it to him personally. Benjamin looked arrogant and his lips curled into a malicious smile. Now, let’s see what else Florence could say. Clarence clicked on the video and as he watched it, his expression became colder and sterner. His face darkened. “See, I told you that Florence came in with Clarence. ” Benjamin said with certainty. There was undisguised smugness in his tone. Clarence’s face darkened. He raised his hand and threw the tablet at Benjamin. “Regarding how exactly is it, Mr. Turner, you should take a look clearly yourself. ” Benjamin immediately held the tablet and frowned in confusion. How come Stanford had this kind of attitude? He had a bad premonition in his mind. He hurriedly re-clicked the video and when he watched it, his face did not look good. In the video, Florence and Phoebe were actually walking hand in hand into the washroom. Clarence was absolutely not there from beginning to end. What was going on? He clearly saw with his own eyes that the person who came in was Clarence! He absolutely would not see wrongly as it was an obvious man’s suit. What the hell was going on? “This video must be fake. Someone has edited it. ” Panicked, Benjamin roared furiously. The confidence in his mind began to collapse bit by bit. Stanford’s subordinate took a step forward and reported, “Young master, when I went there just now, I saw that an unidentified person was talking to the people in the surveillance room, wanting to delete all the surveillance videos tonight. We didn’t have enough people to catch him and he eventually managed to escape. ” Although the person was not caught, based on the current situation now, in addition to Benjamin, who else could the person who wanted to delete the surveillance videos be? Only his words were inconsistent. Benjamin’s face was as white as a sheet. The shock made his body gradually tenser and colder. He was set up! Stanford’s face did not look good. He sharply gazed at Benjamin, “Benjamin, what else do you want to say?” The surveillance video was the evidence. His words were inconsistent so whatever he said afterward would be nonsenses. Benjamin was very clear about his current situation. He was trapped and tricked. He fiercely looked at Florence and wished that he could kill her

If he switched identities now, no one would find out. Benjamin was very livid. He did not even know where Clarence was now

. “Very good, very good!”Benjamin laughed furiously. He had never been tricked like this before. He would not forget to take revenge. If he did not get back at them, he would not call himself a man!Seeing Benjamin’s irritated look, Florence felt good. He had tricked and set up Ernest many times behind the scenes and given them so much trouble. Now, he had finally been set up also. He deserved it. Florence said with a serious expression, “Stanford, since things have been clarified now, I don’t want to live under the same roof with this kind of hypocritical and unscrupulous person. Otherwise, in the future, more disgraceful things than breaking into the bathroom may happen. ”The more disgraceful thing than breaking into the bathroom was something like personal injury. Florence was the apple of Stanford’s eyes. He would not allow her to be harmed and would not allow any hidden threat out there to exist. His face darkened, “I know how to handle it. ”Hearing this, Benjamin abruptly felt panicky. He was even more panicked than that of being exposed to have set up others. He frowned and hurriedly spoke, “Mr. Fraser, the matter today is just a misunderstanding. I’m still a member of the Turner family. Please forget this matter for the sake of me and the Turner family. I promise that in the future, such or similar things will never happen again. ”His tone was sincere and he seemed to be really admitting his mistake and begging for forgiveness. The young master of the Turner family, who had always been exceptionally arrogant, had bowed his head for the first time. It was not suitable for anyone to make him lose face. Stanford’s eyebrows twitched and his face was darkened. Florence was apprehensive inwardly. She was afraid that Benjamin would again painlessly escape from the punishment and if he continued to stay in the Fraser family in the future, he would certainly continue to harm them. Because of him, Ernest had been forced to leave twice. In the future, there may be third, fourth and fifth times…