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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 702 Duke

Florence was depressed, but she understood that she was in a very awkward situation now, and she was not qualified to raise any objection. The woman shouted discontentedly, "Hurry to eat. Don't think you have the equal position as men do when you can eat on the table. " Florence knew the woman was envious and felt disgust for her. Florence's mouth twitched. The woman didn't treat her as a human. The traditional thinking must have deeply rooted in her mind. What a poor woman! But Florence felt pitiful for her two daughters. She ignored the woman, sat down at the table, and began to eat. No matter how much they envied her, Florence just wanted to fill her belly. She was enjoying the food when the curtain was pulled back from the outside. In came a man whom she had not expected, and whom she did not like. Florence stopped eating so suddenly that a lump of meat stuck in her throat that she couldn't swallow nor could she get out. The man who came here was the man who flirted with her at the door! He glanced at the restaurant and fell on Florence, looking aggressive. Florence immediately felt a chill on her back. What did the shameless man come here for? She felt nervous and wanted to drive him away. At this moment, three women and two young boys hurried to stood up. The woman bowed respectfully and said with great sincerity and courtesy, "Greetings. Your Grace. " Your Grace? Florence's eyes widened and she felt choked all the more. Although she was not clear about the status and rank of the country, she knew that someone like Duke must be in a high position. Did she offend someone she couldn't afford to offend? Florence was a little panicked. The woman was very polite to the man and asked respectfully, "Is there anything Duke needs to do in our humble abode?" Now that Andrew was away, she had to treat the Duke with great respect. The man's eyes fell on the woman. With a haughty smile on his lips, he said proudly, "I come to propose a marriage. " "Propose a marriage?" The woman was surprised, as if she had been struck by great luck. Her lips were like chrysanthemum as a bright smile lit up her face. Although Andrew was in a high position, he was still not on the same level as Duke. Women had low status

Ignoring the woman, the man walked over to Florence and gently held out his hand. "My lady, come back with me. " Florence coughed violently

. The lump of meat was still stuck in her throat. She felt so uncomfortable that she almost got killed by the meat. Was the man trying to scare her to death?"Be careful. "Looking at Florence's flushed cheeks, he immediately patted her on the back and handed her a glass of water. He looked so thoughtful. Bonnie and the woman were petrified at the sight. What had happened?Duke would lower his dignity to help Florence pat on the back! And he asked her to go back with him?The one he was going to marry was Florence?How could that be! She was a non-native. When did she hook up with Duke?As if she were coughing her throat out, Florence finally swallowed the meat. She came back to her senses, only to find that the man was so close to her, and his position was like he was going to take her into his arms. Embarrassed and confused, she quickly backed away, and kept a proper distance with him. "Thank you," said Florence awkwardly. After that, she was not in the mood to have the meal now and wanted to leave. This man was a hot potato. She couldn't afford to offend him, but she could hide him. But the man grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Where are you going?" he asked, as if she had to tell him where she was going. Florence was not pleased by such familiarity and she blurted it out without thinking, "It's none of your business. "The man replied, "Your mother has consented to our marriage. From now on, you are my wife ad everything about you is my business. "Florence was speechless. He must have misunderstood something. "You are mistaken. She is not my mother, and I am not the person you propose to marry. The one you are going to marry is her, or her. "Florence pointed at Bonnie and the little girl.