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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 719 Dump on the Duke

At that moment, another different voice came from the crowd. It was a voice from a man, which wasn't loud but was full of admiration. "The duke has a wife. And you have no chance to marry him. It's no use being envy. But you can marry the other men who are willing to love you. " Someone retorted. "Where can we find the second man like Duke Hector across the Raflad?" It was not only women but also men that were bound by the entrenched belief. "Men's positions are high because women don't ask them for something and women actually spoiled them. Look at Florence. It is because she asks for something that Duke Hector finally changes. " The man said leisurely, "Perhaps this is love. If I'm in love with a girl, I will be nice to her. " Everyone was in an uproar. Love? Women suddenly understood. It wasn't the question whether such a man existed or not in Raflad. But it was a problem whether a man loved his wife. If the man loved his wife, he would be considerate like Duke Hector. He would spoil and love her regardless of secular thoughts like Duke Hector. So they could fight for the same treatment as what Florence had! This recognition made women instantly boiling. They were very excited with their eyes brightening up. "I'll go back and ask my husband whether he loves me. " "Me too. " Before this time, women had taken humbleness for granted and never thought about it. "Later, when I get married with my husband, I will ask him about this question first. Therefore, I won't be confused when living with him. " "Absolutely right. It's not reasonable that we should get married with them regardless of their characters, appearances and family background. We even have no right to refuse them as women. " "Yes. It will be fine if we can get married to a man like Duke Hector. But many women are forced to marry gamblers, drunkards or even philanderers. They have to suffer for the rest of their lives. " The women chatted with each other more and more vigorously. The men listening to their words were getting sweat and became nervous

" Someone shouted with questions in the crowd. Other men seemed to own more confidence when hearing these words. They began to talk about it

. The women were discontented and wanted to argue with them. But when they looked up at those noble and impersonal men, it was hard to imagine what they would look like when doing housework in apron. At this moment, Ernest waved his hands with bony fingers. Two men immediately brought two basins here. One basin was filled with a pile of clothes and the other was full of water. All people were confused. Why did they bring here two basins? Did they go to the wrong place?However, Ernest drank a mouthful of tea. He slowly said to Hector. "Wash them. "Hector was startled with big eyes. He couldn't believe it, "Wash them here?"Was he asked to wash clothes in front of all these people? He didn't even know whose clothes they were, which had such various colors as dark green. Hector raised an eyebrow. People could see he was torn. Hector whispered, "I will wash Flory's clothes later, bro. Trust me, please. Now, there's no need to do it. "At least he was a duke. What did it mean washing other people's clothes in public?He was a neat freak, too. Ernest smiled coldly at the corner of his mouth without any care. "Then give it up. "Give it up? Give up marrying Florence?"I'll wash them at once!" Hector quickly picked up clothes and then put them into the water with laundry powder. His action of washing clothes was a little rusty but the washing process was right. What a big joke. He didn't just cram for reading in three days, okay? In order to get married with Florence, he made up for all the detailed life for husband and wife. Doing the laundry was a piece of cake. Thus, people couldn't believe what they were looking at with face of horror. The duke who was in a high position and didn't do any housework actually was diligent in washing clothes at this moment!In addition to the water sound appearing in the air, there was a cracking sound of people's outlooks. There was a trace of despair on their faces. But women looked at Hector with blazing eyes as if he was an angel. People couldn't take their eyes from him even when he was washing clothes, which was quite a handsome behavior. This was a real man!