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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 183: Dumped

Florence was startled, merely dodged the vase. Then it was smashed on the door, cracked. Looking at the broken pieces of the vase scattered next to her, Florence was still frightened. However, when Charlotte, who was to blame for throwing the vase, saw Florence, she immediately went furious. Pointing at Florence’s nose, she cursed loudly, “Florence Fraser, why do you still have the shame to come back? I’ll smash you to death!” As she spoke, she picked up another vase beside her and was about to smash it on Florence again. This vase was quite heavy, too. If it was smashed on Florence, she would be injured seriously. Florence could tell that Charlotte had already lost the affection of sisterhood to her. Florence frowned. Nicholas reacted. He rushed to Charlotte in a hurry and snatched the vase from her hands. He snapped, “Charlotte, stop it! No matter how furious you are, you can’t hurt your sister!” “She’s not my sister. I’m your only daughter. I don’t have a sister,” Charlotte yelled in angry. When she looked at Florence, her face was full of craziness. “She’s just an orphan dumped by her own family. Who does she think she is to compete with me? I’m your biological daughter, the only one. I don’t allow Florence Fraser to stay in our house any longer. Kick her out! Kick her out!” Charlotte couldn’t hide her hatred on her face and her attitude was firm and harsh. There was no space to make it up. Florence frowned more deeply. She had never expected that after Charlotte failed to hit on Ernest, Charlotte would blame everything on her, even aiming to drive her out from the family. It turned out that Charlotte couldn’t win Ernest's heart, so she wanted to do this for revenge, didn’t she? Florence’s heart kept sinking. With a long face, she walked to Charlotte step by step. “Although I was only an orphan, Dad and Mom brought me up since I was a child. I had already become part of this family. Charlotte Fraser, you are not a child any longer. You should know clearly what ought to be yours and what you can get. You can’t make Dad and Mom in such a dilemma by using your stupid tricks. ” “What ought to be mine?” Charlotte said in a cold and ironic tone, looking ferocious. “Yeah, you are the one who can marry Ernest. You’ve won. But, Florence Fraser, since you’ve already got Ernest, you still want to have a happy family and everything else, don’t you? No way! You’d better dream on!” Stepping on the mess on the floor, Charlotte walked to Florence and grabbed her collar. Like a lunatic, she said, “You can marry him, but I want you to be dumped by this family. Since I can’t get him, you won’t be happy either!” Florence frowned. “Charlotte Fraser, this is also my family. ” Charlotte lowered her voice, squeezing each word between her teeth. “Then let’s wait and see if Dad and Mom love you or me more. ” Florence was taken aback, a bad hunch raising in her heart as if her heart was pinched by an invisible big palm

Her voice was so low that it was difficult to hear it clearly. However, Florence could hear it damn clearly. She meant she was sorry for asking her to leave

. Florence was standing there, startled. Her mind went blank. Melissa’s words kept reechoing in her ears -- “I’m sorry”. She even hardly could believe that her mother had chosen to dump her. “Florence Fraser, did you hear it? I’m the one Mom has chosen. I’m Mom’s biological daughter. She asked you to get out. You, fuck off! You will no longer be the daughter of the Fraser family!” Charlotte shouted in complacent. Looking at Florence’s pale face, she felt extremely delighted. “Enough!” Nicholas yelled at her with a long face. Frowning deeply, he looked at Charlotte. “Even if you made a fuss, you should know the rock bottom. Drop the shard!”“No way! Dad, if you don’t kick her out, I’ll die in front of you. Isn’t the life of your biological daughter less important than that of a foster one?” Charlotte said excitedly. The shard in her hand broke her skin again. Seeing that, Melissa felt more concerned. The last struggle in her heart had become the worry. She rushed to hit Nicholas. While crying, she yelled. “Nicholas Fraser, do you know what we are facing now? Why are you still shouting? If something happens to Charlotte, I’ll die in front of you!”Nicholas frowned deeply. He said in a helpless tone, “Melissa, why did you step into the mire and make trouble?”“Do you have the heart to see Charlotte bleed and get hurt? At this critical moment, don’t you know what’s important and what’s not?”Upon hearing Melissa’s question, Nicholas couldn’t help changing the expression on his face continuously. However, he didn’t retort this time. Florence’s body kept shaking when hearing those words. She could hardly keep her balance while standing. What was important and what was not?Comparing to whether Florence should stay or leave, Charlotte’s life was obviously more important. After all, one might lose her life, and the other was only to be kicked out of the family. After all, one was their biological daughter, and the other was a foster one. This was a simple choice question, which was believed firmly by Charlotte, and the answer of it would make Florence heartbroken. They dumped her. Florence was an orphan. When she was quite little, she experienced being homeless. After the couple of the Fraser family had adopted her, she had been treasuring her foster parents very much and cherishing this family. All through the years, she had been thinking this was her family and treating Melissa and Nicholas her biological parents. She had never expected that one day she would suddenly lose this family and became homeless again