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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 554: Dying with Her

Although what Ernest had done early was almost challenging the rock bottom of the Fraser family. He kept using and deceiving them, so he had been on the blacklist of the Fraser family. However, Stanford looked at the love birds who decided to go through thick and thin together and had an indescribable feeling in his heart. Stanford knew that right at this moment, Ernest wasn’t afraid of death and still stayed with Florence only because he loved her truly. He couldn’t pretend to be like this. Even if Ernest had a little bit of fear, he wouldn’t hang on. Besides, he was removing the bomb by himself. Stanford’s mind was in a mess. He thought that after Ernest had removed the bomb and rescued Florence, he must have a fine conversation with Ernest. He was willing to sacrifice his life for Florence. No matter what a big mistake he had made before, he deserved a chance to defend himself. Stanford would like to give such a chance Ernest. “It’ll be removed soon. ” Upon hearing it, Stanford looked at Ernest’s action nervously, only to find half of the device was removed and the whole would be take off soon. If there would be no accident, Florence would be safe finally. “Bang--” Suddenly, they heard a huge explosion outside the church. Then they heard the second one and the third one. In the earphone, Stanford’s men reported excitedly, “Mr. Fraser, something happened! Benjamin Turner buried time bomb on the ground. We've had a lot of casualties. Ah. ” With another bang, the voice in Stanford’s earphone vanished. Stanford’s expression changed dramatically. Because of the explosions, he couldn’t help shaking, losing his balance. The remained church started to shake as well. Cracks broke out on the wall. The church was about to break down. Stanford’s heart almost stopped beating. He had experienced a more crucial moment, but right now. He looked over at Florence and Ernest in a panic. The water balance device was almost taken off from Florence’s body. However, because of the sudden shake from the explosions, both Ernest and Florence were impacted. Florence couldn’t sit still at all. She was shaken and almost fell on the floor. Ernest immediately helped her up. His other arm still kept being awkwardly twisted, making the bomb balance. The counter doesn’t move. “That was close!” Stanford breathed a sigh of relief, almost scared to death. Fortunately, Ernest reacted pretty soon. Besides. Stanford could see how determined Ernest was

” “The church is about to collapse soon,” said Ernest. After that, without any hesitation, he took Florence to walk out. He didn’t walk slowly

. Instead, he tried his best to stride out as if he was rushing to do something urgently. However, his twisted arm was like a weighing scale, keeping the balance of the bomb so that the water didn’t shake at all. It didn’t look like something that a human being could do. However, Ernest had achieved it. Florence was walking next to him and moving in fear, gaping at Ernest. Under such a speed, the counter still didn’t move. She wondered if they could walk out safely. Stanford frowned. The explosions had stopped outside. All the buried bombs had exploded. The church had been pounded but it hadn’t broken down. Although it was on the edge of collapse, Stanford thought that it would last at least another one or two hours. He doubted why Ernest said that the church was going to collapse soon. Unless, there were still other time bombs that hadn’t exploded yet, which were place in the church--“Bang!”As soon as Stanford realized it, there was another big explosion nearby. Three corners of the church had explosions in a union. The shaking church collapsed right after a roar of rock and rubble. It broke down fiercely, just like a pot cover falling above their heads, covering them completely. Stanford’s expression changed. He roared in a panic, “Watch out!”Florence couldn’t help shaking and bumping. With a pale face, she looked up, only to find a huge area of the roof was pressing on her. It was a huge black piece, which could smash her to death. Florence widened her eyes. In an instant, she couldn’t breathe at all. Before the bomb was removed, Ernest and she would be bury under the collapsed church alive and smashed. Benjamin was way too vicious. He had set up numerous traps here, trying to kill all of them. Right now, Florence had a bomb bound to her that need to keep the balance. She couldn’t run. If she did so, the bomb would explode. Above her, the ceiling was pressing down that could smash her to death. She couldn’t escape, no matter what. Florence saw black. Her heart stopped beating, and she felt endless despair. The fact that made her feel quite sorry and reluctant was that she still had dragged Ernest into the mere. He had to die with her.