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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 607: Each with His or Her Own Mind

After crying for a long while, Phoebe was exhausted and her voice became hoarse. She kept sobbing and couldn’t stop at all. Stanford frowned at her. In a hurry, he reached out to pat her on the back, helping her to breathe properly. His big hand fell gently on her back, patting her continuously. Phoebe, who was weeping, felt his action, and she stiffed. Even she stopped crying. She wondered what Stanford was doing. Raising her head with tearful eyes, she was agape when seeing Stanford standing so close to her. He was standing in front of her, reaching out to pat her back. They were pretty close to each other. He was also lowering his head to look at him. As soon as Phoebe looked up, her nose almost touched Stanford’s cheek. In such a short distance, their eyes met, and then they felt as if their hearts were crushed by something. Instantly, their hearts hammered. Stanford’s eyes became darkened in an instant. A different feeling that he had never had before suddenly surged in his heart. Right at the moment, he had an impulse to hold Phoebe in his arms. Phoebe’s heart hammered. After being startled for a short while, as if she got an electrical shock, she took several steps back in a panic. She wanted to keep enough distance from him. Her eyes twinkled, and she said in a hoarse tone, “I’m. I’m sorry. ” Stanford creased his brows tightly. She was the one who was sad and weeping, and he wondered why she was apologizing to him. She didn’t do anything wrong to him, did she? Stanford gazed at Phoebe without a blink, feeling quite annoyed. Noticing his unpleasant look, Phoebe felt more down and depressed. In her opinion, her unrestrained cry annoyed him, sure enough. Her fingers unconsciously clenched. Standing there awkwardly and hesitating for a long time, Phoebe finally plucked up her courage and asked tentatively, “Could you please. send me to see Flory?” Stanford had never heard her speak in such a careful tone as she was always lively. Instantly, Stanford felt more uncomfortable as if a stone was pressing on his chest. He couldn’t be used to her cautious behavior at all. His face was darkened, just like the sky before a thunderstorm. He was quite unhappy

Stanford came here in person to find her and take her to see Florence. She would take his private jet with him. However, he strode away so fast

. Phoebe guesses that he must be quite reluctant to do so. Thinking of that, she felt more depressed. Her pale face looked lifeless. Unconsciously, from her pursuit of him in the beginning to the end, because of Stanford’s hatred and harsh words, Phoebe felt so heartbroken as if she had fallen into hell. It wasn’t until then did she realize that she had liked him to the core. It wasn’t just because of his appearance and charm that made her like him. Pursuing him had become more than a challenge and conquest. Instead, she truly liked him and he occupied her heart. Since she truly fell in love with him, Phoebe found that she could be a worry-free woman anymore. Also, because of her love for him, she found it more difficult to face him. Due to his disgust for her, she could hardly stay in the same place with him, as it would make her uneasy, tortured, humble, and too ashamed. However, only God knew how much she actually had been missing him. When she saw Stanford appear so suddenly, Phoebe thought that she was nuts as she had the illusion. When she was confirmed that he had shown up in real, in an instant, Phoebe couldn’t hold back the joy in her heart at all. She felt as if it was a comfort to the torture of missing him. However, her joy only lasted a short moment. There were lies, disgust, and too many impossibilities between him and her. Phoebe had no guts to fancy him any longer. She clenched her fists tightly, trying her best to suppress the feeling in her heart. She looked forward, her eyes lifeless. After a long while, she finally plucked up her courage, moved forward stiffly, and walked out. No matter what, she must see Florence. After ensuring that Florence was safe and sound, Phoebe decided that she would leave them in peace and never appear in front of Stanford again. Stanford came here in a rush, so the helicopter landed right outside the temple. When Phoebe walked out, she saw it. Stanford had been arrived in front of the helicopter, standing next to the boarding ladder. From a certain distance, he gazed at her without a blink. Phoebe’s heart shrunk. Immediately, she bent down her head, wondering if he was running out of patience while waiting. Hurriedly, she sped up and strode over.