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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 126: Each with Their Own Thoughts

“Brother-in-law-to-be is here?” Suddenly, Charlotte’s eyes brighten up. When she lifted her head, she immediately saw Ernest. The moment she saw him, she couldn’t move her eyes away from him. She was at school during Florence’s engagement, so she couldn’t come back to attend it. Later, she saw the photos of Ernest and knew that he was very handsome. However, as she saw him right in front of her eyes, she realized that he was more handsome than the photos. It was like a thousand to ten thousand times more handsome! He was so handsome until he took her breath away. Her heart fluttered like there were butterflies inside. “Litter sister is still young; I hope that you wouldn’t mind that. ” Melissa saw that Charlotte was dazing. She gave an embarrassed smile and tugged Charlotte hands, “What are you dreaming about? Greet your future brother-in-law now. ” “Oh, sis, Ernest. ” Charlotte came back to her senses and hurriedly greeted them. She still didn’t move her eyes away from Ernest. Ernest nodded, but his attitude was still cold, “Hmm. ” This made Charlotte’s heart beat even faster. A simple ‘Hmm’ sounded so good in his deep voice. His voice was so attractive which made her addicted to it. She looked at Ernest obsessively and said in a very gentle voice, “Ernest, come and sit quickly. What would you like to drink or eat? I’ll prepare it for you. ” “No, I’ll leave soon. ” As he said this, he directly looked at Nicholas and said, “Nicholas, in fact, tonight I came to bring Florence to my house for a few days. ” Ernest spoke in a calm tone. He expressed it very naturally, which seemed to sound like a matter of course. However, Florence uncontrollably blushed. This kind of matter made her extremely embarrassed about it. Nicholas looked at the two in surprise. After some time, only then he muttered, “You guys, planned to live, live together?” Florence’s face instantly became very red. She hurriedly explained, “Dad, it’s not. It’s Ernest. He hurt his hand and it’s inconvenient for him to live alone. So, I’m just moving over to take care of him for a few days. ” To prove her statement, she specifically held Ernest left wrist and raised it in front of them. Charlotte immediately came forward, full of concern. She held Ernest’s hand and said, “What’s wrong with your hand? Why is it so badly injured? Does it still hurt?” Another woman’s touched made him frowned unhappily. He pulled his hand back immediately. A cold and alienating aura emanated from his body. Charlotte froze; her expressions showed that she was stunned and a little awkward

She was afraid that the two of them would really do something if he continued to seduce her like that. Florence’s face was burning hot, and she didn’t dare to think about it again. She hesitated for a moment, and looked at Ernest

. “Mr. Hawkins, my sister will be boring if she stays at home. Let’s bring her along, can we?” Florence changed her mind suddenly, which surprised him a little. His eyes darkened, his eyes looked sharp like a beam of laser, trying to penetrate through her surface and looked into her mind to figure out what was inside. Charlotte saw that Florence had agreed, she was so happy inside her heart. But later, she hurriedly changed her look into a pitiful expression and looked at Ernest, “Ernest, you won’t mind if I go to your house for a few days, right? So that in the future I can recognize your house after you get married with my sister. ”That was true. They would become a family if they got married. Ernest had no feelings for Charlotte, but it seemed that this relationship made him felt that this little girl was quite good. If he brought her with him, it indicated that Florence also admitted his relationship with her family members. Hence, it wouldn’t be too difficult to marry her. Ernest looked at Florence and spoke in a deep voice with a meaning behind his words, “You really want to take her there?”“Yes. ”Florence nodded. She had planned clearly about it. When they reached there, she would clean up a room and sleep on the floor with Charlotte. That way, she wouldn’t need to sleep with Ernest anymore. “Then go ahead. ” Ernest agreed in a low voice. Florence had her own calculations and Ernest also had his. They both agreed to it with their own thoughts in their hearts. Charlotte was the happiest one among them. She was so excited that she pounced towards Ernest, “You are really good! I like you very much!”Ernest’s eyes darkened and he took a step to the side, avoiding the pouncing Charlotte. Before she could react, Ernest quickly reached out and pulled Florence in to his arms. He placed his arm on her shoulder intimately. The man’s familiar scent came into her senses, which made Florence stiffened for a moment. She turned and looked at him. She said in a low voice, “What are you doing?”She felt uneasy and wanted to get away from his arms. However, he held her even tighter. He said to Nicholas and Melissa, “I’ll help her pack her bags. ”Initially, Melissa was the one who packed Florence’s bags. As she heard this, she smiled and nodded. “Alright, you guys pack yourselves. Only you know what you need to bring along. ”Florence’s face blushed again. Why would she need him to pack her things?This made her felt weird