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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 319: Ecstasy

Florence said nervously. After all, she also knew that Collin’s temper was strange although he had outstanding medical skill. If it was a general situation, he would not decide to save people. Otherwise, he would not have lived in seclusion in the rural area despite having such exceptional medical skills. And he had saved Ernest last time. She did not know if he would do it again this time. “I’m quite interested in intractable diseases, wait for me, I’ll come later. ” Surprisingly, Collin still agreed to it very readily. Florence was slightly stunned and she hurriedly thanked, “I really don’t know how to thank you. ” “Don’t need to thank me. You only need to remember that you’ve promised me a request. I’ll ask you to do that soon, it isn’t that easy but you must accomplish it. ” Collin’s tone became slightly more serious. It was sort of a reminder. Florence’s heart tightened. She inexplicably felt that this request would be very difficult for her but she had no other choice. Compared to Ernest’s life, she would willingly do anything. After getting the affirmation from Collin, Florence sat in the ward at Ernest’s heels and waited for him in the ward. Her eyes looked at the outside of the room from time to time, hoping that Collin would come earlier. The good thing was that it did not take long for Collin to arrive. ‘Click’. Collin opened the door and entered. Timothy came in right behind him and was put in a difficult position, “Sir, he barged in at once so I couldn’t inform you in time. ” When Ernest saw Collin, his gaze instantly darkened. But, Florence was happy and she immediately stood up from the bedside and walked towards Collin. “It’s okay, I’m the one who has asked Collin to come over. ” Timothy looked at Ernest with a somewhat complicated expression. He wanted to say something but he stopped in the end. He helplessly walked out. Perhaps, even Sir also did not expect that Florence would ask Collin to come over. Now, it seemed that it was going to let the cat out of the bag? Florence was very happy that Collin could come. The things she was worried about in her mind seemed to be able to be solved upon his arrival. “Collin, do you want coffee or tea?” she asked enthusiastically. “Coffee, dessert. ” Collin really ordered. “Have a seat first. ” Florence greeted and immediately went to the small kitchen to prepare for it

“Collin has decent medical skills. He can take a look at your injury and perhaps you’ll recover faster. ” “No need

. ” Ernest refused directly without even hesitating. Collin did not change his expression. His lips curled playfully as if this was the answer he expected. Florence was anxious, “Why? Your wound is recovering slowly, maybe it’s because of doctors’ problem. ”“It isn’t caused by doctors. ”Ernest coldly denied. Seeing Florence’s look in which she would not give up, he added, “It’s because of my constitution. It’ll always be in vain no matter which doctor comes. ”“But, I’ve asked the doctor before and he said that it isn’t caused by your constitution. ”Ernest was speechless. How could that group of doctors be so stupid, they were indeed incompetent teammates!His handsome face looked really bad. Collin took a sip of coffee and smiled playfully. “It’s indeed caused by Mr. Hawkins’s own body. ”Hearing this, Florence’s heart had leapt to her throat. Was it really like what she guessed in which Ernest’s body had other problems that were even more serious?She was very nervous and she asked hastily, “What’s wrong with his body?”Collin playfully glanced at Ernest’s face that looked bad, ignored his warning and said directly. “Even Hua Tuo also can’t save those who don’t wish to get well. ”[Note: Hua Tuo: A well-known doctor in the ancient times. ]Florence was a bit stunned. She did not understand for a moment. What did he mean, what did he mean by he did not wish to get well?Ernest’s face looked even worse. He spoke with a stiff voice. “Florence, don’t listen to his nonsense. ”Florence looked askance at Ernest and saw that he was with a cold face. He looked really uneasy as if he had done something and it had been revealed. What had he done?Florence was confused. A thought came up as an afterthought. It was not the doctors’ problem, not the problem of the medicine and was also not because of his constitution. Instead, it was because he himself did not want to get well and he was deliberately delaying his wound from recovering?Why?Looking at Ernest’s uneasy look, Ernest’s heart wildly throbbed. A crazy thought popped up, making her feel unbelievable. But then, the ecstasy that caused one to be on cloud nine popped up. Was he doing this because of her…