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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 543: Eliminate Ernest Hawkins

A delightful smile broke upon Benjamin’s lips as he saw her cadaverous face and he was kind enough to explain to her, “The rule of the Turner’s is always like this, the heir won’t be replaced unless he’s dead. But if there’s any exception, in order to avoid the heir that’s been deprived of heirship still insisting to take back the privilege and threatening the new heir’s status, even if the original heir’s not dead, he would suffer devastating punishment that will cause him to lose his legs, arms and reproductive function. ” He would linger on with his last breath of life! Florence drew a cold breath and her body uncontrollably trembled due to fear. She did not dare to imagine the treatment Ernest would face afterwards…He would lose his legs, arms and reproductive function! “Ernest’s heirship won’t get eliminated,” she spoke with quivering voice. “I won’t marry you even if it costs my life. ” As long as she did not marry Benjamin, the Turner’s would not have heir for replacement. Ernest would only be punished heavily but his heirship would not be eliminated. She must stop that from happening at all costs. The moment she had that thought, she heard Benjamin’s devil-like voice. “It’s too late, no matter what you do now. ” Florence froze. What did he mean? She looked up in panic and saw a middle aged, butler-looking man carrying something amidst the bustling crowds on the screen with a serious look and he was walking towards the head of the family. He spoke modestly, “Sire, Mr. Benjamin Turner said he wants to give this to you, he said it’s important. ” The butler was Benjamin’s man and he always knew how to act according to situation, therefore the thing must be very important, or else, he would not hand it to him during the meeting. Theodore did not hesitate and he extended his hand, “Give it to me. ” The butler immediately stepped forward and opened the box, taking the digital voice recorder out from the inside and handed it to him. Theodore glanced at the recorder and examined it. The elders who were sitting below him spoke, “Since Benjamin delivers such a thing at this moment, it could have something to do with our discussion, let’s listen to it. ” Since it was delivered in the open, the content must not be something unspeakable. Maybe, letting everyone listening to the recording was exactly what Benjamin wanted. Theodore only hesitated for a moment and he pressed the button in front of everyone. The sound from the recorder was clearly heard. “Florence, will you marry me?” “Yes. ” “Please wear this ring. ” “Yes. ” … Without any surprise, the recording was about the conversation during the proposal Benjamin secretly recorded. After making amendments to the sound, Benjamin’s voice could be discerned and Florence’s voice was exceptionally clear

Ernest’s heirship is eliminated. It was true that Theodore did not care about his family relationship with Ernest at all. For the sake of benefit, he could abandon Ernest without hesitation and ruin his whole life

. After a few seconds, she then heard Theodore’s stern and cruel voice from the screen. “Go to the Fraser’s house and get Ernest back, prepare to carry out the punishment. ”Get Ernest back! Ernest was now captured by Stanford, and according to Stanford’s hatred towards Ernest, he would probably lend a hand by putting handcuffs on him and took the initiative to bring him to them. Ernest would have no chance to escape then. Florence’s legs became weak and she collapsed onto the floor. It’s over. Ernest is doomed. The outcome had come to a foregone conclusion. Benjamin let out a complacent smile. His aspiration all these years was finally going to be accomplished. Not only he had successfully become the heir, challenging the head of the family, he had even killed Ernest. In the end, he was the only winner. He stared at Florence who was on the floor superiorly with complacence and spoke with arrogance, “Let’s go, Florence, we should go to the church now. ”Florence felt her body cold and her voice was trembling uncontrollably. She spoke with great difficulty, “Aren’t we going to the bureau of civil affairs?” The bureau of civil affairs at least required the residence booklet. Since her booklet was not with her, maybe she could buy some time. Yet Benjamin’s words vanquished all her hopes at once. “Do you know the reason I brought you here? Because according to the law here, as long as we swear in the church, we could immediately register and become legal husband-and-wife. ” Quick and straightforward. And residence booklet is not needed. Florence’s face became paler and she was so despair that she had a sudden blackout. Benjamin had arranged everything, he was only waiting to use her. She could not resist at all.