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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 542: Eliminate Heirship

He would be judged and punished. Florence had a sudden blackout and she felt a rush of bitterness in her mouth. In the end, she still got Ernest into trouble. Benjamin looked at Florence’s traumatized look with complacence and took a step forward, snatching the knife away from her hand. He glimpsed at the wound on her neck and ordered coldly, “Bandage her wound and don’t let her die. ” What he wanted was just to let her live. Florence stood there in a trance. There were only darkness and despair left in her heart. Now, Ernest was tricked by Benjamin too and he fell into the water. She wondered how Stanford would treat him and what punishment would Ernest face from the Turner family. Her heart ached just by thinking of it. Florence was brought back to her room. This time, Benjamin had sent men to keep their eyes peeled on her, even when she was going to the washroom. He would not give her any single chance to kill herself nor escape anymore. Florence was desperate and she did not plan to fight her way out, sitting there like a puppet instead. She stared across the window at the endless ocean. Not knowing how many hours had passed afterwards, shoreline and land finally appeared at the far end of horizon. Benjamin had reached the place he wanted to take her. Florence’s eyes glazed over as she looked at the direction of the shore, she was secretly trembling with fear. The door was cracked open by someone from the outside. Benjamin was wearing a delightful smile and he strode towards her. He spoke, “We’re gonna reach our bridal chamber soon, Flory. ” Florence sat there with an expressionless face and ignored him

Everything’s all set, Mr. Turner. After you

. ” What had started? Florence’s heart raced with uneasiness. Benjamin did not plan to hide it from her and he brought her to the deeper room instead. It was a customized gigantic room and a display screen that occupied a whole wall was placed in the room. The screen in the middle was now broadcasting a surveillance picture. On the screen, there was a majestic, palace-like hall, and on the throne high up sat Theodore Turner who was looking dignified. Elders were sitting at both sides below him in lines. The elders mostly had white hairs and their face was full of wrinkles, yet each of them had an astute look. They had great energy and their voice was loud and clear. They were criticizing someone with rage. “Ernest Hawkins is too reckless and bold, how could he do such a thing that would damage the Turner’s reputation! The Turner’s must not endure this kind of shame!” “Agree, we Turner’s can’t stand this humiliation! Ernest Hawkins must pay the price!” “Dismiss him! Eliminate his right as the heir. He could not be the heir of the Turner’s anymore after what he had done!” The conversation went on among the elders and they sounded more and more furious. Every criticism was directed towards Ernest. Florence stood there with her body frozen and she stared at the screen in a daze. No matter how dumb she was, she could still tell it was the Turner’s family meeting. Except Theodore who was sitting on the throne who still had not spoken, everyone from the Turner’s was demanding punishment towards Ernest. None of them was defending for Ernest, no one. Florence felt a chill down her spine and her face was cadaverous. It was then she truly knew how difficult Ernest’s situation was in the Turner’s. His situation had become worse after he pretended to be Clarence. Theodore who was sitting on the throne was keeping a straight face and he looked somber