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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 407: Embarrassing Menstruation

Florence was still in a daze. She had completely lost her reason. This man was her beloved man and she was willing to give him everything, including her whole life in the future. However, when they reached the most critical moment, Florence was on period. Florence was startled for a moment, and Ernest shook violently. Hanging over and looking down at Florence, he had a complicated look on his face and indescribably feeling surging in his heart. After a long while, with his stiffened head, he looked down at her lower belly. “No. Stop it!” Florence felt embarrassed to death. In a panic, she tried to cover his gaze. She had never expected that her period would come at this moment. She looked away to dodge his eyes. “I. I want to use the bathroom very quick. ” Ernest pressed his thin lips. He felt as if a basin of icy water was poured from the top of his head, putting out all the heat on his entire body. Feeling helpless, he let go of her, rolled over, and got off the bed. Florence got off the bed right away. In a panic, she trotted to the bathroom. The sound of running water was the heart from there shortly. Ernest inhaled deeply a few times before finally managed to suppress his desire. He walked to sit down on the sofa, picked up the glass of wine, and gulped it down. Then he poured another glass, gulping down. However, after finishing several glasses, he noticed that Florence still stayed in the bathroom without coming out. Ernest’s eyes were darkened. He stood up, walking to the bathroom door, and knocked. “Florence?” “Yes? What’s wrong?” Florence answered immediately. Her voice, however, sounded a bit panicked. Ernest was confused. “Why haven’t you come out yet? What happened?” “I’m. I’m just fine. ” Florence sounded hesitant. “I’ll go out later. ” Ernest frowned. He looked at the bathroom door deeply, a bit worried. After a few seconds of silence, Ernest pressed his thin lips, reached out, and pushed the door of the bathroom open. In an instant, he heard Florence ask in surprise, “Why did you come in? Leave. Hurry!” Right then, Florence was sitting on the toilet. Hiding her face behind her hand, she was so ashamed that her face went extremely reddish. Ernest didn’t expect that he would see such a scene when entering. He stiffed and was about to go out

Hawkins walked out of the forest. He had thought that Mr. Hawkins was heading back to the hotel again just like last night

. However, much to his surprise, it was more miserable. Mr. Hawkins even asked him to shop for the tampon. His experience, which he was watched by so many customers when he had so many tampons in his hands when shopping in the market, had become a stain of his life. “Mr. Hawkins, those are all the brands of tampons sold in the supermarket. ”Ernest leaned against the car. Without taking them over, he picked up his phone and made a call. On the other end of the line, he heard Florence’s gentle voice soon. “Hello, Ernest, how is it going?”Ernest asked in a deep voice, “Which brand do you use?”Florence was taken aback, feeling a bit surprised. It turned out that Ernest wasn’t the legendary CEO who would buy all brands. He asked her about the brand. She smiled and gave him a brand name. Ernest answered, “Okay. I’ll be back soon. ”After finishing his words, Ernest hung up the phone. Then he walked to Timothy, pulled the black bag open, and found a pack of tampons from it. With the bag in his hands, Timothy gaped at what Mr. Hawkins was doing. After a long while, he asked, “Mr. Hawkins, why didn’t you ask Ms. Fraser earlier?”In that case, he didn’t need to buy all brands of tampons and be watched by the customers in the supermarket. Ernest cast him a cold glance, his eyes deep and dangerous. “Do you want to know the brand my fiancée uses?”Timothy was speechless. He inwardly asked if Mr. Hawkins could still be helped since his desire of possession for Florence had become so strong. “Oh, Mr. Hawkins, you are a wise man. ” Timothy smiled. It wasn’t until then did Ernest withdraw his threatening gaze at Timothy. He hid the pack of tampons in his pocket and swaggered into the forest again. Looking at Mr. Hawkins’ confident and eager paces, Timothy felt his heart sinking. Mr. Hawkins had gone too far. He treasured his beloved woman more than his assistant. Timothy wondered if he should change a boss