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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 340: Encountering Ernest

Everyone was surprised. Looking at Florence, they suddenly had a lot of wild guesses. Although this handsome man treated this woman so well and kept buying things for her, he was unwilling to admit that they were lovers. Most probably they were secret lovers, weren’t they? All the salesladies thought that it was indeed possible. When they just came out of that conclusion, they heard Stanford’s clear and gentle voice again. He looked at Florence extremely tenderly and raised his tone that was full of uncovered complacence. He said, “She’s my younger sister. ” Everyone gaped. Immediately, there was an uproar. “I also want to have such an older brother!” Their envious voices made Florence speechless. It turned out no matter if he were her brother or boyfriend, as long as he was handsome enough, others would be quite envious. However, when seeing Stanford’s delightful face, Florence felt warmth. This noble and stunning man took her as his pride and treasure her so much, which made her quite enjoyable as well. “Since he’s just her brother, we have our chances, don’t we?” They heard another more exciting voice from not afar. Florence turned around, only to find several pretty girls were surrounding the clothing racks as well as the fitting rooms. When they looked at Stanford, their eyes lit up. A group of girls walked to Stanford in line and reached out their hands with the cell phones. “Hi, Mister, may I make friends with you? May I have your phone number, please?” Florence looked at Stanford, feeling amused. Without her as his excuse, she wanted to see how he would deal with so many admirers. Much to her surprise, Stanford pulled Florence in front of him and stand behind her. He said seriously, “Flory, please pick up one good woman to be your brother’s wife, OK?” Florence gaped, wondering what he meant. He wanted her to pick up his future wife, didn’t he? Her mouth corners twitched. The group of girls were also shocked. They felt quite depressed. It was their first time to go after a handsome man so actively, but he wanted his sister to decide for him. They wondered if he meant that as long as Florence liked one, the girl could marry him. In an instant, the girls became excited. They struck the poses that would make their look the most beautiful and looked at Florence enchantingly. “Missy, do you like me? I’m the daughter of the CEO of Unified Communications, with a master’s degree. I also have my own small company. I have dreams and I have the encouragement to fight. If you pick me, your brother and I will get along definitely. After we get married, we’ll struggle together. I’ll become his supportive wife. ” “Missy, a woman can’t be so aggressive. The man should earn money and his wife should take care of his family so that the family would be harmonious. I’ve gone through professional education for housewives

Florence couldn’t grasp it at all. Her heart immediately became empty. Out of her control, she pushed all the people in front of her and trotted out

. She didn’t want him to leave. She never wanted. She almost ran as fast as she could all her life. Rushing out of the store’s glass door, she chased to the corridor. When she arrived, she saw Ernest walking to the corner and striding away. In a second, he vanished from her sight again. After him, a group of men followed him to walk around the corner, totally blocking Florence’s sight. She was standing there motionlessly, stiffened. She felt as if something was choked in her throat. She felt so upset that she might explode the next second. However, she didn’t have any courage to chase one more step ahead. The corner and those people who blocked her sight were like a gap that she could never overcome all her life. “Flory, what’s up?”Stanford chased after her, looking worriedly at Florence, who had a pale face. Following her gaze, he only saw a group of men in suits. Seemingly they were the managers of this mall, doing some investigation. Florence returned to her senses, shaking her head helplessly. “Nothing. I’m just too exhausted. I don’t want to continue shopping. Shall we go home?” she said in an extremely low voice as if all her strength was gone. Then she turned around and walked in another direction. Stanford frowned in confusion. He strode over and caught up with Florence. He was a bit anxious. It was said that when a girl was unhappy, a brand bag could almost be made her happy again. If she could vent her emotion, the girl would become happy completely. However, he had taken Florence shopping for such a long time. Instead of becoming happier, Florence seemed to be more upset. How could it be? Stanford wondered what on earth he could make his sister happy. When they left the corridor, at the corner, a tall and strong figure turned back in a hurry. He was standing at the corner and looked at the empty corridor, feeling complicated. He had taken a glance faintly jus now, and seemingly he had seen Florence. It turned out to be just his illusion, wasn’t it?