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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 206: Enemy of Women

As if he had noticed Florence’s confusion, Reynold got much closer to Florence and whispered in her ear, “In fact, I can’t drink much as well. But they wouldn’t skip any chance to make me drink. If I continue staying here, I’m afraid I’ll be drunk as well. ” It turned out that misery loved company. Thinking about leaving with Reynold, Florence had someone in the company, so she made up her mind. “All right. Let’s go. How can we escape from here?” “Pretending to use the restroom. ” As he spoke, Reynold stood up. Pulling Florence, he strode towards the outside. Someone noticed him and asked, “Reynold, where are you going?” “The restroom. ” The man also noticed Florence who was following him. He asked again, “How about Florence? Is she also going to the restroom?” Florence blushed, looking so guilty. The question also sounded so ambiguous. Feeling awkward, she didn’t know how to answer him. At this moment, Reynold answered the man for her, “Florence has never been here before. She can’t find the restroom, so I’m showing her the way. ” It was a good excuse. However, several male designers from Riverside City raised a spoof and started teasing them, as if Reynold and Florence had an affair. They were heading to the restroom, but suddenly the action became so ambiguous. Florence had a stronger migraine when hearing their jokes, wondering why those men’s minds were so nasty. If they continued staying in the booth, they might imagine some more rumors. Immediately, she said, “Mr. Myron, shall we leave?” “Sure,” Reynold agreed immediately. He turned around and walked out of the booth, ignoring those noisy men. Since the protagonists had gone, those men didn’t have the target to make fun of, so they sat down again and continued to drink. Erica, who always had fun, was staring at the door without a blink, slightly frowning. Although those men were just teasing, Florence was Mr. Hawkins’ fiancee, after all. If she had some scandal with another man, would it impact Mr. Hawkins’ reputation? When she was hesitating that if she should follow them, a glass of wine was handed in front of her. It was a female designer from Riverside City. She said to Erica friendly, “Erica, I’ve paid attention to your works before. You are really an excellent designer. I admire you very much. I hope I can’ learn a lot from you in the following days. ” “Certainly. Wish us pleasant cooperation. ” Erica’s attention was distracted completely, so she could only keep talking with the designer. On the other side, Reynold took Florence out of the bar from the back door

Her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. Ernest’s image kept wandering in Florence’s mind. Reynold saw that Florence was in a daze

. He took a look at the barbecue stand. Then he asked with concern, “Do you want to try it?” “What?”Florence hadn’t returned to her senses, so she didn’t get what Reynold meant for a moment. Reynold said with patience, “Do you want to try the barbecue? It smells good. Shall we have some together?”Florence looked at the man in the suit, who looked noble and elegant. She was surprised. “Mr. Myron, do you also eat the street food?”She had thought that any rich man or woman from the upper-class would never eat street food. For example, Phoebe never ate street food. Reynold didn’t care at all. “I eat them occasionally. The taste of the street food couldn’t be tasted in the dishes served in restaurants. Besides, before I became famous, I was an ordinary man. I grew up by eating street food since I was a child. ”Florence was more surprised. She worshiped Reynold’s talents, but she had never known that he was also born in an ordinary family. Because of that, Florence felt that her heart became more closer to his instantly. She wasn’t so restrained when facing them, and she could have more common topics with him. “Let’s try it, then. ”“Okay. ”Reynold walked over with Florence directly. He also took the initiative to pick up a basket to put the skewers in, looking quite skillful. Florence understood and smiled. She joked, “If your fan-girls know that you like eating barbecue, I wonder if their jaws would drop on the floor. ”Reynold stood next to Florence quite naturally. He asked, “You are not so surprised to drop your jaw, though. ”“Well, I’m quite surprised actually. ”Florence picked the skewers into the basket. She couldn’t help but recall the image when Ernest was eating the barbecue. She wouldn’t be more surprised, because she had seen a noble and picky man like Ernest eating street food before. After the picking up the skewers and giving it to the owner, Florence and Reynold sat at a small table together. Because of Reynold’s good-looking face, a lot of women turned around and looked at her. At the same time, Florence received a lot of gazes that were full of jealousy, envy, and even hatred. She heaved a sigh helplessly. Whenever she had the barbecue, she would become the enemy of women. It was all because that the men who were sitting next to her were way too handsome.