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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 289: Ernest Came to Find Florence

Ernest didn’t reply them. He stood to his feet with a cold face and headed towards the outside. He didn’t feel good in this room because he felt it stuffy and oppressed. “Ernest, where’re you going?” When seeing Ernest walking out of the room without saying anything, Harold hurriedly asked him. But Ernest was so indifferent and he ignored him again. Harold couldn’t help but shake his head, “Tsk, what a temper. ” Anthony knitted his brows, “He left by himself. Did you call Timothy to pick him up?” “I’ve already called him since I knew that Ernest would leave abruptly because he was not in a good mood. ” Harold shrugged his shoulders and lay back to the sofa. He was so curious about what had happened between Ernest and Florence. Mr. Hawkins, who had always been composed and elegant, was so annoyed that he even threw a temper. Ernest walked out of the club with coldness written all over his face. Timothy drove a Lamborghini here and stopped in front of him. “Sir, please. ” Timothy got off the car and then opened the door for Ernest. Ernest took a glance at him. He didn’t say anything and got on the car. He didn’t care why Timothy was here after getting off his work. Timothy stole a glance at Ernest, who was sitting on the back seat with a cold face and a smell of alcohol, feeling a bit confused. Nothing went wrong when he got off his work. Why did Mr. Hawkins go out to buy drink after coming back home? Although he was bewildered, he didn’t dare to ask Ernest about this. He stepped on the accelerator and headed towards Ernest’s villa. The car was prevailed by an oppressed ambience all the way. Ernest still looked noble, but he was exuding an extremely cold aura. Hence, Timothy was nervous when he was driving the car. It was a great torture to him even if the trip simply took twenty minutes. When the car stopped in front of the villa, Timothy got off the car and gingerly opened the door, “Mr. Hawkins, we’ve arrived. ” He said carefully because he was afraid that he would anger Ernest unknowingly. Ernest replied with an indifferent nasal sound. When he was about to get off the car, he looked out of the window and found that they were in Senna International Villa Community. He forgot to tell Timothy that he would not come back to this villa just now. This was not his rigorous style of dealing with things. Looking at the villa and thinking of the woman inside, Ernest became more fretful. He had never been so annoyed by anything or any person! Ernest’s expressions turned gloomier when he thought of this. He pressed his thin lips together and then ordered, “Go to the hotel. ” Timothy was stunned. Why didn’t Mr. Hawkins come back to the villa? But Miss Fraser was living there. How came that… Could this because of Miss Fraser? Although Timothy had many question in mind, he didn’t dare to say them out

It was only a minute after he gave the order, but he now asked in a cold voice, “Have you found it out?” His tone of voice was icy cold. Timothy shivered and replied nervously, “Soon. ” He felt a gush of tremendous grievance in his heart

. He gave him a time limit of five minutes, but only one minute had passed, he asked him for the result. Coldness was written all over on Ernest’s face and he didn’t say anything again. However, his aura was horribly cold. Timothy held his phone tightly and began to tremble. He kept praying that he could get the news of Florence as soon as possible. He really felt breathless. “You haven’t got the result?” Ernest’s cold and stern voice sounded. Timothy felt being clutched by a gush of coldness on his back. He didn’t dare to reply, but he had to. Timothy nodded his head. Ernest’s face became more hideous. He scolded, “A group of useless men! You guys are getting more and more inefficient! What’s the necessity for me to employ you?”He gave them a time limit of five minutes, but did it mean that they had to give him the result after five minutes?Timothy almost shed tears. Luckily, right at this moment, he received a message from his men. It was like a magical medicine for him. He immediately reported to Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins, my men found out that Miss Fraser is now living in Miss Jenkins’ home. ”Ernest’s expression became gloomier when he heard the words. It was late in night, but she still refused to stay in his home and chose to come to Phoebe’s home. “Go there. ” Ernest gave the order in a cold voice. “Okay. ” Timothy immediately started the car and drove it in the highest speed towards the address of the message. …After arriving at Phoebe’s home, Florence put away her luggage and took out her pajamas. She then had a shower. Phoebe didn’t ask her any question because she knew that Florence was in a bad mood now. She lay on the sofa played with a tablet PC. But apparently, she was absent-minded. Although she felt delighted to live with Florence because they could have chitchats about clothes, skin care products and hunks, but she didn’t wish it to happen under such a circumstance. If Florence really broke up with Ernest, she would be so upset now. Phoebe felt distressed for Florence. Oh gosh, she was really worried. “Knock, knock. ”Right at this moment, someone seemed to be knocking at the door. Phoebe frowned and guessed who would come to find her late at night, yet in the end, she couldn’t find a suspect. Could it be that the one outside had some bad intentions?Phoebe put down her tablet PC and walked towards the door carefully. She walked on tiptoe and looked out of the door through the peephole. She was freaked out when she saw the man outside. The one knocking at the door was Ernest!