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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 138: Ernest Had Become Uninhibited

Florence and Ernest went to the company together. They went into the VIP elevator together as well. Ernest’s hand was about to habitually hold her. Recalling that Shirley said there were always coworkers staring at the monitors in the monitoring room, Florence guessed that the coworkers had once again seen her and Ernest now. She felt a migraine, forcing herself to distant from Ernest. Looking at him, she said, “Mr. Hawkins, all the company employees focus on the surveillance very much. Do you know they could see what we are doing now?” “Yeah,” Ernest answered casually as if it was just a trifle that didn’t need to pay any attention. As he spoke, he approached Florence again. Florence hurriedly took a few steps back. She didn’t think he had understood what she meant, so she emphasized it in a hurry, “Mr. Hawkins, the coworkers in your company have seen us in the same elevator and they will definitely overthink. Now if they see us tugging each other in the elevator, they will all misunderstand. “In that case, if the whole company misunderstands that we’re in a relationship, I’m afraid it would have negative impacts. ” “What’s the relationship between up?” Ernest completely ignored Florence’s words and only caught one point that was not supposed to be the key point. He stared at Florence, his eyes darkened and ambiguous. Florence felt a migraine. What was the relationship? They were not supposed to have a relationship, were they? She took a few steps back to distance herself from Ernest and said solemnly, “Mr. Hawkins, aren’t you afraid that your employees would gossip about you at your back? “Nope. ” Ernest strode to her, his tall and strong figure instantly approaching Florence like a hill, pressing her against the wall of an elevator. He slightly lowered his head, getting much closer to her as if they could kiss each other at any time. With a deep, hoarse, and sexy voice, he said, “As long as it’s the relationship with you, I don’t mind them gossiping. ” Florence’s heart skipped a beat, and then it hammered uncontrollably. What a man! She could hardly deal with him. In a panic, she turned away her head to avoid his hot gaze, her mind completely blank in uneasiness. At the same time, there was a loud uproar in the monitoring room as if there was an explosion. The monitoring staff as well as employees who wanted to watch the CEO come to work looked as if they had been poisoned. Their faces turned between pale and red from time to time, and they all gaped. The word had it that Florence had an ambiguous relationship with Ernest. Besides they came to work and went home together, they didn’t have any outline behaviors. Hence, there was no solid evidence to prove their relationship at all. However, now. The CEO was kissing Florence without scruple. If they were not in love, what was their relationship then? Wasn’t Florence going to be the CEO’s future wife? The female employees who had always had hope suddenly felt heartbroken. They envied Florence so much but they couldn’t even have the thought to jealous of her or hate her. Florence was too lucky, wasn’t she? The CEO had been single for over two decades, and he had never had a date

She was afraid that her reputation would certainly be ruined. She didn’t have the guts to look at others. With her purse, she trotted forward as fast as possible

. She didn’t walk. Her petite figure was receding quite fast. Within a few seconds, she disappeared from the corridor. With the affection in his eyes, Ernest lifted his feet and walked towards the direction that she had gone steadily. Behind him, the agape employees were left behind. Since the personal fashion show would be held soon, Florence came to the company for doing styling. She trotted to the styling room directly. As soon as she walked in, she had become the focus . all people in the styling room looked at her in a complicated way. She could tell that all kinds of gossips were burning in their gazes. Florence’s heart sank. She wondered if the scene that Ernest was kissing her in the elevator had been spread to the styling room so soon. It seemed everyone had known it. She was so embarrassed. Florence blushed again, feeling so awkward that she wanted to disappear at the spot. In an instant, she didn’t want to attend the fashion show at all. Ernest must have done it on purpose. He set her up. “What are you staring at? Don’t you know your gazes would embarrass her?” Anthony snapped all others who were still taken aback while walking from the room next door. However, his second sentence was full of scoff. Upon hearing it, everyone laughed. Casting ambiguous glances at Florence, they went back to their work. Although Anthony helped her out, Florence’s face became more reddened. Not only Ernest was evil, but also Anthony, his best friend, was not a kind person. They both were evil. With an ambiguous smile, Anthony looked at Florence’s back. “Aren’t you coming here with Ernest together? Where is he?”Florence was speechless. Sure enough, he had also seen the monitoring video, hadn’t he?Feeling upset, Florence couldn’t help blushing. It seemed that the relationship between Ernest and her could never be clarified. However, if it went on like this, it would be more embarrassing when calling off their engagement in the future. Ernest was acting at will right now. Florence wondered if he had considered the engagement cancellation. Hadn’t he considered if Gemma would become his wife justifiably in the future?