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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 294: Ernest Hawkins Likes You

Florence could not tell what her feeling was towards him. Her first impression of him was he was freakish and horrifying. Yet she then realized he was not that freakish as she imagined, and he had specially delivered medicine for her. He cared for her and had not done anything to harm her. However, his behavior still did not look normal and was extremely unusual. Florence could not predict what he was going to do next too. She was not brave enough to approach him, but she did not keep a too large distance away from him either. “It’s not that hard to find you,” Collin replied casually with a slight evasive look due to guilt. He would not tell her that he had been paying attention to her all the time. What if she treated him as a stalker? Although City N was big, it was pretty easy to find someone if you wanted it. Florence felt something was wrong, yet she could not tell exactly what. She then gave up. She asked straightforwardly, “What do you want?” “I heard that you’re going to organize a wedding with Ernest Hawkins?” Collin was wearing a smile as if he was just gossiping. Florence inevitably remembered Ernest’s apathetic back and her heart ached a little. That marriage would be over after tonight. She shook her head. “No, that’s not true. ” “Come on, we’re already friends, it won’t hurt to tell me the truth. Are you being embarrassed? Worried that I’ll get into the wedding hall without paying for the wine?” Collin continued to joke, yet he was being a little serious and anxious under his absent-minded attitude. The reason he suddenly came to look for her was because the news were all over the place outside and he was anxious to inquire about it from her. He had to hear the answer from her himself. If she was the one he wanted to look for, he could not let her get married that easily. Florence did not know how to answer him. To be honest, their relationship was not that close, but they were not that unfamiliar with each other too. She thought for a while and replied in a half joking manner to get away from the topic, “If I do get married, you’ll still be able to get over the window to have a glass of wine. ” “How stingy, you should at least give me a wedding invitation card,” Collin replied aggrievedly. Florence did not place enough trust him on him that she did not even tell him the wedding date

Her phone rang when she lied on the bed at night. She took it up and was surprised to see Harold’s name on top. Harold was Ernest’s friend and they still had quite a good relationship after getting in touch for a few times

. They were still considered friends but basically, they would not get in touch in private in normal time. Now that she had cancelled the marriage with Ernest, as his best friend, it looked like he would not get in touch with her anymore. Florence’s mind jumbled up with thoughts and she only picked it up after a while. She could instantly hear Harold’s emotional tone of voice from the other end of call. “Florence, I heard that you want to cancel the marriage with Ernest, is it true?”“Yes,” Florence replied softly. Harold became more emotional at once. “Why? Don’t you like Ernest?” Florence was startled and she remembered what Phoebe had said. It was Harold who spread the matter out, and he had thought the one she liked was Ernest, just like what Ernest did. Although that was true…Florence gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t like him. ” Harold fell into silence. He suspected he had heard it wrongly. She had fallen in love and the one she fell in love with was not Ernest? That was impossible! Was there any man in this world that was more brilliant and attractive than Ernest?Harold said, “Florence, did you say that out of any concern? If you do, you can tell me. I’m still the son of the Hammer family and I can help you. ” His words made her felt touched. Although she had cancelled the marriage with Ernest, Harold who was his best friend did not hate her nor did he stay from her. “I really don’t, Harold. We cancelled the marriage because both me and Mr. Hawkins think we don’t suit each other,” Florence explained patiently and also to maintain Ernest’s pride. “That’s not possible!” Harold rebutted with assertion. “Ernest likes you so much, he won’t think that you don’t suit him. I’ve seen it all these time, he had tried hard to marry you. ”“What?” Florence widened her eyes with shock. What did Harold say? He said Ernest liked her? And had even tried hard to marry her? Did she hear it wrongly…“You don’t know?” Harold sounded even more surprised than her at the other end of the call. He was quick-witted enough to understand the main problem and he asked with utmost surprise, “He’s courted you for so long, and he actually didn’t confess to you?”