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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 596 Ernest Hawkins’ Power

Florence felt very sad. By the time she would like to explain, an arm was put on her shoulder, and then she was pulled over into his arms intimately. Ernest hugged her, smiled at those people on the screen, and introduced himself, “She is Florence, my future wife, your future madam. ” Future wife. Future madam. These two salutations were like a bomb, exploding in Florence’s mind. Her heart was pounding rapidly. Her face was as red as an apple. Their relationship was not very stable. Was it good to introduce her to the public? At the same time, there was a lot of screaming coming out from the screen. “She is Florence?” “Ohh, she is Florence!” After the words, the turn-off videos were turned on again. All the people inside the call looked at her with amazement. They did not have the sense of vigilance anymore. Florence was stunned again. She did not know what was happening. They seemed familiar with her name. She did not understand why. The black man was not only the leader but was talkative too. He smiled and said, “Ms. Fraser, we spent a lot of energy searching for your house previously. ” That time when Ernest could not find Florence, they looked for the Fraser family. The Fraser family’s location was well-known to be very confidential. Therefore, Ernest asked them to go find the Fraser family. The Lord’s clew was found by them. Florence was shocked. She did know that Ernest was looking for her but she did not know it was in this way. Judging from the faces, races and all, it could be concluded that they were from all around the world. They had different identities and backgrounds, but all of them were Ernest’s subordinates. After knowing Florence’s identity, the black man let his guard down. He then continued to say, “We are Sir’s most conceal and powerful strength. However, we never perform a task collectively. The only time is to look for you. For this purpose, Sir risked a lot…” “Nonsense

” Ernest explained patiently, “We are just casting a nest to find one person. Nothing will be exposed. ” Florence did not understand

. In the video call, one middle-aged woman said, “We are from all walks of life. We are just the leaders or can be called representatives. The real men who are going for a task are our henchmen. Finding a person in the public area is considered a very easy task for us. ” From all over the world? Internet?These words meant so much to Florence. Florence looked at them with a shock. At first, she thought they were Ernest’s henchmen, but now she realized that they were just some kinds of middlemen. Ernest must have more henchmen. Maybe the number of henchmen was more than an army of soldiers. At first, Florence thought that Ernest was just a rich man in City N, no matter how rich he was, he was just having the power of a small town. She thought he could go to the Turner family because of his identity. Now, judging from the existence of these persons, Ernest did not only plan something in City N starting from the beginning. She looked at Ernest with sparkling eyes and said, “You…”He had enormous planning, right?Florence was in a struggle. She did not voice out the rest of her words. She wanted to know, but she felt like she was not supposed to know such an enormous plan. However, Ernest knew her well. Without hitting around the bush, Ernest said initiatively, “Right from the beginning, my plan is not just to conquer City N. ” It was true. Therefore, his power was not just limited to what a rich man in City N could have. Ernest said, “It was an accident that caused him to go back to the Turner family. It was out of my control. ”Those words were not a brag. That was why he spent so little time defeating Benjamin and won the position of the inheritor. Benjamin’s wicked plan to fight against Ernest failed. If Ernest had only the identity of the inheritor, it was impossible for him to stay alive in the Turner family. Florence looked at Ernest shockingly. Now only she realized the man in front of her, whom she loved and had been very close to, was not a simple man. She looked at her with sparkling eyes and asked in a deep tone, “How powerful you are?”