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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 571: Ernest, I Will Wait for You

Seeing Clarence’s disgusted look, Florence was a bit helpless but she was very clear about it inwardly. Ernest’s injury was so serious that even dressing change was also extremely troublesome and tiring. Besides, he had to feed Ernest with food and water. Indeed, everything he had done was almost as if he was a full-time nursing nanny. It was not easy for Clarence to do all these in these few days. But, Ernest’s condition now was fine and from this, his meticulousness could indeed be seen clearly. “Clarence, thank you very much. ” Florence looked at him and said thank you sincerely. The disgusted expression on Clarence’s face became a little unnatural. He waved his hand, turned around and walked out. “What for you talk about this nonsense, it’s time for Ernst to drink water, you feed him. ” “Clarence. ” Florence stood up, looked at his back and said, “If you want to go out and if you need my help for anything, you must tell me. ” Although she could not help much, she also wanted to help him as much as she could. Falling into such a situation, she should not let Clarence bear the responsibility for the whole thing alone. Clarence’s footsteps paused and he continued to walk out, “Got it. ” When Clarence reached the door, he closed the door of the room thoughtfully. Before that, he added, “There is still medicine in the room. The injury on the part of your body is quite severe too, apply ointment yourself. If you can’t apply, call me. ” “Okay. ” After Florence answered, the door of the room was closed gently from the outside. The room became quiet and there were only Florence and Ernest left. Florence looked down at his pale and quietly sleeping face. It still looked as handsome as before and it was so good-looking that she could not take her eyes off him. She wanted to gaze at him and guard him like this till the end of the world. “Ernest, you must recover. ” Florence gazed at him and murmured softly. She walked to the side and poured a cup of warm water. She then sat on the edge of his bed and moved closer to him. She took the cup to his lips and gently fed him with water next to his pale thin lips. The water seeped in little by little along Ernest’s dry lips. Some water was flowing out from the corners of his mouth so Florence also hurriedly wiped it. There were also injuries on Ernest’s neck so she could not let water flow there. She did not dare to look down at him. She was afraid that after seeing the hideous wound on his chest, the unimaginable pain would pierce through her heart. “Ernest, does it hurt?” She murmured and asked. He did not have any response and was sleeping quietly

” As Florence said, her other hand poured a glass of water and handed it to Clarence. Clarence looked at the water in a simple glass in front of him. He raised his eyebrows pleasantly and teased

. “Flory, if I remember correctly, this is the first time you sincerely serve me tea and water. ”Previously in the Fraser family, he and she pretended to be loving superficially and she was actually very reluctant. In private, she disliked him very much and was not even willing to talk to him, let alone give him a glass of water to drink. Seeing Clarence’s benevolent smile, Florence’s lips twitched. Clarence was indeed a leopard that could not change its spots as he did something that would make others annoyed and want to hit him. She only poured a glass of water for him but he said that she served him tea and water. Florence helplessly pursed her thin lips and stuffed the glass of water into his hand. However, her voice was soft, “When we go out, I’ll treat you to a sumptuous meal, I’m serious and sincere. ”Clarence froze. He looked at Florence in dismay. He used to love to tease her and also used to see her rolling her eyes at him. He thought she would still be like that just now but Florence’s attitude…It was gentle. The smile on her face was sincere and dazzling like stars. Clarence’s expression changed. His eyes could not help but darken. It was not bad to be friendly like this with Florence. But in the future, or perhaps after tomorrow, there would be no such opportunity. He hid his disappointment and his lips curled into a bright smile. “Okay, it’s a deal. You treat me to a sumptuous meal in which I can eat whatever I want. Even if I eat stinky fish, stinky tofu and roasted scorpion, you also have to accompany me. ”Florence was speechless. Did Clarence really have an extreme taste for such food?She suddenly regretted it slightly. Seeing Florence’s tangled expression, Clarence smiled even more pleasantly. Indeed, he really preferred to tease Florence. Unfortunately, in the future…“Flory, the medicine is ready. Go in and do a dressing change for Ernest. This time, I specifically let someone get the good medicine for me. After the dressing change, its effect can at least last for three days. ”Florence was puzzled. After sending the messages tomorrow, they were to stay here and wait for the people outside to make trouble and then rescue. They were all in the house and they could do dressing change for Ernest at any time, why did he have to specifically find medicine with long-lasting effect?She inexplicably felt that Clarence seemed to have something else that he was hiding from her.