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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 595: Ernest’ Secret

Although that was the fact, Florence’s heart was like the cloud drifting in the sky, there was nowhere to rest. She was anxious. The day when she was forced to marry with Benjamin was chaos. The bomb exploded one after another. Her body was tied with bombs. When she was running out from the church, Ernest picked her up and ran towards the cliff. During that time, her world was left only with death and Ernest. She did not know that Phoebe also followed them. There was still something bad that happened after that. She was alone and did not travel back to her hometown, nonetheless to employ the capital. Where could the capital go? How was she earning a living all that while? Recalling Phoebe had never been wronged, Florence felt ill and was worried about her. Florence hoped that she could find Phoebe in person. Ernest stood up and walked towards Florence. After that, he hugged her. He went near her ear and said with a soft voice, “Believe me. Phoebe will be fine. ” When he asked someone to believe him, normally that would be the truth. Florence looked at him from the side, with a spark from the eyes. Ernest closed his lips lightly and said, “I will help your brother to find Phoebe. I promise I will do it within three days. ” Collin looked at Ernest unbelievably when he heard the words that Ernest said. Stanford had a huge power but he still could not find Phoebe after a few days. Ernest had no power. Furthermore, he knew nothing about the place. Collin thought Ernest’s words were too bold. Was it a brag? It must be a brag. Collin twitched his mouth to show his disrespect towards Ernest. He thought that Ernest was trying to show off in front of Florence. He thought that after three days, Ernest would be ashamed of himself. Florence looked at Ernest blankly. Her dangling heart finally had a small place to rest. However, she was still very worried and said, “No, you can’t do that. You have just waked up and your body situation is still very bad. You cannot work so hard, this will cause you more harm. ” She did not want Ernest to be harmed anymore because of her. If something bad happened to Ernest, she could not withstand that. Ernest smiled and ruffled Florence’s hair. Ernest spoke softly, “I just give a command to other people

There were many different people inside the frame. It was a long-distance video conference. Those people gave Florence a strange feeling

. She was extremely shocked. Those people were not Ernest’s bodyguards. They had different skin, different features, and were from different races and different countries. Their faces had huge differences. They were composed of nearly all the races from the whole world. Their wearings were also quite different. Some of them wore business suits, some of them wore army suits, some of them wore normal shirts, some of them were naked, some of them made up. There were various types of people, all represented different identities. They all picked up the call and used Mandarin to communicate with Ernest. “Sir,” they greeted. “Yes,” Ernest nodded. His eyes were sharp. He quickly determined how many people were in the meeting and many of them could not attend due to some reasons. A black man was looking at Florence with his sharp eyes. With eyes full of vigilance, he asked, “Sir, who is she? Why she is here?”In light of the fact that suddenly being nominated, Florence sat straight. This was more due to the reason that the man was not only having a trenchant voice but his imposing manner was scary. She said nervously, “I am not an important person. I am just here to accompany Ernest. You guys no need to bother about me. ”Florence’s words made the people even more alert. Some of them turned off the camera. The black man questioned Florence trenchantly, “Unimportant person will not show up in this meeting. You better speak the truth! Are you threatening Sir when he is hurt terribly?”Florence stunned. They did know Ernest was hurt. They must be his royal henchmen. However, this misunderstanding was huge. She immediately shook her hand, “No, I don’t. ”Her small hands were beautiful, shaking back and forth. It was indeed nothing. The black man was confused even more and was more alert. He looked at Ernest, said with a serious tone, “Sir, what you want us to do? We can all expose ourselves with just a nod from you. We will make sure that you are safe and sound. ”Florence twitched her mouth. So, they thought she was an evildoer?