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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 310: Ernest Thought Too Much of It

Although Florence was supporting Ernest, Ernest was really tall and it looked like he was hugging Florence with his arm on her shoulder. Georgia shook her head helpless. She was clear that even though Ernest was injured seriously, the wounds on his legs were not that seriously. Therefore, he insisted on walking to the toilet by himself although his steps were slow. Nevertheless, when Florence was here, Ernest immediately became so weak and asked her to help him. Yet the two still wanted to cancel their engagement? Oh, stop making a fuss. She should come back to prepare for their wedding. The sooner it could be held, the better. It would be the best if Ernest could attend the wedding the moment he was discharged from the hospital. Florence and Ernest walked into the toilet and she carefully helped Ernest sit on the toilet bowl. But she was then stunned by a second thought and felt embarrassed. Ernest put all his weight on her and it looked like he couldn’t stand by himself. Nevertheless, he wanted to pee. Should she help him by his side and watching him peeing? That was really shameful. Ernest simply stood there and slightly tilted his head to appreciate the complicated and wonderful expressional changes on Florence’s palm-sized face. She didn’t cry now. Ernest felt it interesting and had an impulse to play joke at her. He waved his arm that was bandaged just now at Florence and whispered in her ear, “My arm is injured. And it’s inconvenient for me to do that. ” Florence abruptly shivered and her face got redder. It was inconvenient for him to use his hand, so he asked her to take off his pants? She and Ernest hadn’t had sex yet, and now she had to watch him peeing? Florence felt very shameful when thinking of this. But as he couldn’t use his hand, she was the only one who could help him. Moreover, she said resolutely that she was here to take care of him. Florence was in a dilemma. She hesitated for a long while and finally made up her mind. With a blushed face, she stiffly reached out her hand towards his lower body. When her hand touched his waist, Ernest froze and his lines of sights became unfathomable and sexual. He was only playing a joke with her, but he hadn’t expected that she would really do that. This woman… Ernest abruptly grabbed her hand, “Do you know what this means?” Florence’s face became redder and she felt the skin touched by him was burning. Of course she knew what this meant

” Although Ernest implied that she was not a proper candidate to take care of him, Florence retorted him righteously. She walked to his bed and reached out to touch his forehead. Then she touched her own forehead and was assured that Ernest’s temperature was normal

. Florence said in an extremely natural manner, “It’s true that the nurses are professional, but I care about you a lot and definitely I will be more careful and thoughtful than them. If you’re dissatisfied with it, I can ask them to teach me. ” She paused and then added, “But I must be the one to take care of you. ”The nurses were all women and how would she allow them to help Ernest to the toilet in that intimate manner?No way!Ernest slightly knitted his brows and stared at her meaningful, “Why it must be you?”“Because…”Florence wanted to tell him that she didn’t like other women to touch him. But at a second thought, she felt it embarrassing. She was afraid that he would think she was insane. She hesitated and then made an excuse, “We should always finish what we start. And I’m obliged to do that. ”Ernest was not satisfied with her answer. He sneered, “You’re really dedicated. Maybe you can change your career and be a nurse. ”Florence became serious and it looked like she was considering about it carefully. Ernest’s expressions became gloomier and gloomier? Would she considering about being a nurse and taking care of the other man? No way!After several seconds, Florence replied righteously as if she had thought through it, “Mr. Hawkins, if you can be safe and sound in the future and not let yourself be injured, I think I won’t change my career. ”Ernest was a bit stunned. Did she mean that she would only take care of him?Moreover, what did she mean by using the words ‘in the future’?Ernest almost dug out all the connotations in her words. But the more he probed into it, the harder for him to believe it. Maybe he was just thinking too much of it. Maybe Florence was playing a joke. Ernest felt flustered because of Florence’s words. He pressed his thin lips together and then lay down onto the bed. “Turn off the light. We should sleep now. ”He really couldn’t have too much anticipation towards this woman!Florence turned off the light and then lay down on the sofa. Although there was a distance between her and Ernest, she could still see his figure vaguely and feel his existence. The uneasiness and fluster that had troubled her recently seemed to die out because of his appearance. It turned out that she unknowingly became dependent on this man and that she would only feel assured when he was by her side