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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 326: Ernest Was Nowhere to Be Found

Collin! “Why are you here?” Florence was startled. Then she recalled what she did just now and blushed. Collin actually witnessed such a shameful rehearsal. This bastard! Why it was him to open the gift box? He was not the one that she wanted to confess her feelings to. Collin raised his brows with interest. He stretched his palm and caught a piece of colored ribbon. He joked at Florence, “Flory, are you going to present yourself to me?” “Your wish. ” Florence was annoyed and walked out of the gift box sulkily. Phoebe hurriedly walked over and explained angrily, “He appeared from the thin air and snatched the rope from me. ” She didn’t mean to give the rope to Collin. Of course, Florence knew that Phoebe would not do that. However, she was confused about how Collin broke into the villa as they had closed the door. Did he come in through the window again? Florence thought that she should nail shut all the windows later. Collin glanced around the room to study the arrangement. Although many things were scattered on the ground disorderly and it seemed like the arrangement was not yet finished, Collin could see that they were arranging a romantic scene. Recalling that Florence emerged from the gift box just now, Collin could roughly guess what Florence intended to do. He gazed at Florence with great interest, “Are you going to confess to Ernest?” Collin read through her mind and spilled it out blatantly. Florence felt more embarrassed. She once thought that Collin was a good man, but as expected, it turned out that it was simply her illusion. This man would embarrass her at any time and at any place. “You’re a man. Why are you obsessed with gossips?” Florence turned her head to look at Collin, “Spill the beans. What are you here for? I’m quite busy. ” Right at this moment, Florence just wanted to urge Collin to leave; otherwise, Florence would feel very awkward if he stayed here for longer. Collin was a bit absent-minded when noticing Florence’s shyness, but he then shook his head helplessly. It seemed that they really came late and the progression was out of their control now. Collin gazed at Phoebe and said, “Hey, beauty, I want to have a private talk with Florence. Can you please… hmmm… make two cups of tea for us?” He was euphemistically asking Phoebe to make room for them. Phoebe didn’t know Collin well and she didn’t know whether if she should leave, so she looked towards Florence for inquiry. Florence just wanted to let Collin leave the villa as quick as possible, so she nodded her head, “Phoebe, please. Everything can be found in the tearoom. ” Phoebe then went to the tearoom

” Florence was dumbfounded. She seldom saw Collin being so serious. Moreover, she could perceive that he was giving her a sincere suggestion

. But she finally made up her mind after a long period of mental struggle and urgently wanted to strive for her relationship with Ernest. Florence shook her head, “I’ve decided on it and I hope you can support my decision. Even if you can’t support it, please don’t be opposed to it. ”Moreover, this was a problem between she herself and Ernest and she didn’t like others to intervene in her private affair. Collin felt helpless. Florence was so resolute and it seemed like all her reasons had been gone when she was in a relationship. It would be all in vain no matter how hard he tried to persuade her. “I just don’t want you to get hurt. ”Collin reached out his hand and patted Florence on her shoulder. He then warned her sincerely, “Remember my words. Don’t love him whole-heartedly and don’t be so silly. In this way, you will not get too much hurt in the end. ”She hadn’t confessed her feelings to Ernest yet, but why did Collin act like she had been hurt or dumped by Ernest?Florence felt annoyed and thought that Collin was here to dampen her mood. Florence didn’t have the mood to arrange the surprise for Ernest because of Collin’s words. She came back to the hospital lethargically and walked into the ward. However, to her surprise, she didn’t saw Ernest on the bed. The ward was empty and even the maids were all gone. Florence was stunned and had a foreboding. When she came back yesterday, Ernest became aloof and indifferent to her. He insisted on doing many things by himself and refused her favor. His body was basically recovered and according to his temperament, he would probably leave the hospital in advance. Could it be that he had left. Florence felt flustered and hurriedly ran two the doctors’ office to find the attending doctor. When she arrived, she found that the attending doctor was packing up his luggage. “Doctor, where’s Ernest?”Florence rushed into the office without even knocking on the door. The doctor felt surprised, “Isn’t Mr. Hawkins in the ward?”“There’re no one in the ward. You also have no idea about his whereabouts?”