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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 558: Ernest, Where Are You

“Ernest. ” a weak voice was heard in a white room. The person was muttering as if she was dream talking. However, her voice was full of panic and fear from the bottom of her heart. “Ernest. ” “Ernest. where are you. ” “Where are you. ” Her slim and fair hand was trembling, trying her best to grab something seemingly. However, her fingers were too weak to even make a move. What she grabbed was only the air. She got nothing. The emptiness seemed to have frightened her. She suddenly opened her closed eyes. What she saw was the white ceiling in a strange room. There was even a pattern on it. The light was bright which dazzled her eyes. In her dream, the man who was rotten by the sea disappeared from her mind instantly. “Ernest!” As soon as Florence returned to her senses, she yelled Ernest’s name in a panic. Without any hesitation, she sat up on the bed, looking around her in a hurry. It was an empty room without any future except for the bed. There was no one else in the room. Beside her, there was a huge instrument full of tubes, each of which was stabbed onto her arm. Florence immediately pulled them out. “Hiss. ” As she tore the tubes apart, her skin was torn as well. It started bleeding. She inhaled in pain, and suddenly she was taken aback. She could feel the pain, which meant that she wasn’t dreaming, and nor had she died yet. How could she have survived? Florence gaped in disbelief. She could clearly remember that a bomb was bound on her. Ernest carried her in his arms and jumped into the sea with her together. As soon as they fell into the sea, the bomb on her exploded. She lost her consciousness at once. She thought that she should be killed by the bomb. However. Hurriedly, she looked down and checked herself up. Her arms and legs were inserted with different kinds of tubes. There were a lot of wounds on her, but all fours were fine. She wasn’t seriously injured at all. She could tell from her wounds that she was impacted by the shock wave of the explosion at the most

Why did they lock her up? Panic surged in her heart. Florence exerted all her strength to pound at the door. She yelled, “Open the door! Open the door? Hello? I want to go out! Open the door! Open it!” After Florence yelled for a long while, she heard a woman’s voice far away from her room

. Her tone was cold and ruthless. “Coming!”Florence didn’t care about her attitude at all. She was delighted. As long as there was someone. They’d better open the door as soon as possible. She wanted to find Ernest. “Crack. ”After a while, the door was opened from the outside. Florence stood at the door and said in a hurry, “Excuse me. How’s the man with me. ” She wanted to ask how he was doing. Before she could finish her words, however, she choked up. Much to her surprise, she saw four tall western women in the maid uniform. They didn’t look as kind and respectful as mains at all. They looked cold and heartless as if they were made of ice. Seeing Florence’s status, the lead maid looked more annoyed. She napped fiercely, “Why did you take off all the tubes?”Florence was taken aback. The maid was way too rude as if she were their enemy. Florence felt quite unhappy, but she couldn’t care much. In a hurry, she said, “I’m fine. Please tell me, have you also saved a man when saving me? Is he doing OK? Where is he now? I want to see him!”“No man,” the maid answered coldly. Florence stiffed, becoming pale. In a panic, she wasn’t convinced and asked again, “The man who fell into the sea with me. You’ve saved me, so you should have saved him. He was with me. ”“There’s no man here!” the maid roared impatiently, frowning deeply. Pointing at the bed, she ordered, “Stop talking nonsense. Get back and lie down on the bed! Now!”She sounded like speaking to a jailbird. Florence was startled. Her heart kept sinking. In the beginning, she thought she had fallen into the sea and was saved by a kind person. However, it didn’t seem so. Those maids didn’t look kindly at all. Moreover, she wasn’t simply saved by someone. She kept wondering what was going on and who those maids were. Florence’s gaze passed the four maids and looked out of her room uneasily, only to find a white corridor with a lot of doors on both sides.