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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 671: Ernest, You Are So Nice

She did not know that taking off her clothes with her back facing him would make the desire of a man grow even more. If it was not because the place was really not suitable, he would definitely have settled her on the spot. Ernest took deep breaths. Ernest was trying very hard to restrain the fire boiling in his body. Florence took off the clothes very quickly and put them on again. The entire process was done within two minutes. When the jacket was put on, her tense little body finally relaxed a bit. It was the first time that she changed clothes in front of Ernest. After changing, Florence turned around and unexpectedly met Ernest’s eyes that seemed to be with a fire burning inside. She was too familiar with this kind of eyes. During these few days, he always looked at her like a wolf and then ate her up. Florence stretched her neck and weakly reminded. “I’m done, you also change your clothes. ” Ernest pursed his thin lips and only then slowly took his eyes off Florence’s body and took out the cold-proof clothes inside the other bag. He was wearing a suit so he did not need to change his inner clothes. He finished changing it very quickly. This was the first time that Florence saw Ernest wear this kind of big and thick cold-proof clothes. But even so, he did not look bloated in this kind of clothes. Instead, the clothes looked much more high-class on him as he still looked exceptionally handsome. Florence’s heart could not help but pound wildly. Her man was really handsome. Seeing Florence’s look, Ernest’s fire of desire that had just been suppressed burned again. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and approached her, “How about we don’t get out of the car? Let’s do something else. ” Something else… Seeing Ernest’s exuberant fire in his eyes, Florence could understand what was the ‘something else’ he was referring to almost without having to think much about it. “I’m getting off the car!” She hurriedly moved back, quickly opened the car door, lifted her legs and walked down. Just as she got out of the car, she felt an overwhelming coldness. It was a bone-chilling coldness like icy water as it directly penetrated her bone. Florence was so cold that she froze and was even a little dumbfounded. She did not expect it to be so cold outside. It was even a few degrees colder than the blizzard in the winter. “Put on the hat. ” Ernest’s low and deep voice sounded beside her. Then, a big warm hat was put on Florence’s head and it wrapped her ears. Next, Ernest walked to Florence’s front and zipped up her cold-proof clothes to the top. The highly erected collar covered most of Florence’s face

” Florence was stunned. Then, she heard Ernest continue saying, “You’re already very good-looking. ”She already looked very beautiful without the beautifying filter

. These words were not sweet nothings but they were even more provocative than sweet nothings. Florence’s cheeks blushed. Her lips could not help but curl and curl. Beauty lay in the eyes of the beholder. This saying must be referring to Ernest. She shyly answered, “Turn it off then. ”As long as he thought she looked good, she did not care whether there was a beautifying filter anymore. Collin and Stanford were standing side by side not far away. They heard all the conversations of the two people without missing a word. With a complicated gaze, Stanford was looking at Florence who was smiling happily. He somewhat felt bad. He now could see clearly. No matter what the environment or situation was, as long as Florence was with Ernest, her smile would always be sincere from the bottom of her heart. She would be happy and joyful. She was happier than any time when Ernest was not by her side. He could not understand. Was what so-called love more important than everything? It made people indulge in it so deeply. Collin, however, was thinking about another thing. He looked at the two people who were lovey-dovey with disgust and said with contempt. “Continue to be happy, the snow is beautiful now. When you go up to a higher mountain, you will only be shocked when you see snow. ”When the time came, he would like to see how could they still be lovey-dovey. Stanford glanced at Collin, “If you dare to scare Flory, I’ll throw you down from the mountain. ”Collin was speechless. It was just a joke. Did he really need to threaten him like this?He was really too particular in protecting his younger sister!With Ernest as the cameraman, Florence happily finished taking quite a number of photos. She also liked the scenery here very much. But before she had had enough fun, Ernest kept the phone. “It’s time to get in the car. ”The weather was cold. If they stayed outside for too long, they would catch a cold.