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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 654: Ernest, You Rascal

His suggestion was reechoing in her ears. Florence knew what he meant by continuing. Suddenly, she felt more pains all over her body. “No. Don’t. ” She wanted to refuse in a panic. However, as soon as her lips parted, they were sealed by a kiss. -- It was gradually getting bright outside. The sunshine sneaked in through the cracks of the curtain, lighting up the room slowly. On the soft big bed, two figures were hugging each other tightly. The man’s eyelashes shook. Then he opened his eyes. Naturally, he raised his hand and blocked the sunshine that fell on the woman’s face. The woman’s creased brows under the sunshine gradually loosened. She fell asleep again peacefully. Raising his arm, Ernest kept blocking the sunshine while looking tenderly and affectionately at the woman in his arms. Until now, he had been sobered up completely. Looking at Florence’s sleeping face, he still felt as if he was dreaming and all he was watching was an illusion. However, she was truly lying in his arms. He had just done the most intimate thing with her in this world. In a certain sense, she had become his woman completely. From now on, no one could part them again. For a long while, Ernest kept raising his arm. When the sunshine moved, he kept blocking it from Florence’s face. Florence had a soundly sleep. Her eyelids moved a bit, and she slowly opened her eyes. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the handsome face that was pretty close to her. He was staring at her, his eyes deep and tender. Florence’s heart skipped a beat. Blinking, she asked with a blushed face, “Are you awake for a long time?” She wondered if he was waiting for her. Ernest presses his lips and answered. “Not quite long. ” Florence rolled her eyes. Then she noticed his raised arm that was blocking the sunshine for her

However, the matter happened quite suddenly last night. Ernest was drugged. After ensuring it was Florence, he completely lost his reason and had sex with her by instinct

. At that time, he couldn’t control himself at all, so he didn’t know if she was willing to or not. He also wondered if she was scared by his eagerness and fierceness. Florence was taken aback, blushing more deeply. How was she supposed to answer such a question?Her eyes twinkled. She struggled to break free from his grip and said in a coquettish tone, “Ernest, it’s early. Stop being a rascal. I’m going to take a bath!”As she finished speaking, she was afraid that Ernest would stop her again. In a hurry, she pulled the quilt and jumped off the bed. Part of the quilt that covered Ernest had also been pulled away. In an instant, all his naked body was exposed. Ernest felt helpless. Before he reacted, he heard her moan, only to find that Florence was tripped over on the floor while being wrapped in the quilt. Ernest’s temples popped. Without any hesitation, he rushed over to help her up. “Florence, are you all right?”Lying prone on the floor, Florence subconsciously looked up. Off-guard, she saw the man’s straight and long legs as well as his. “Ah--” covering her eyes, Florence screamed. “Ernest, you rascal!”Ernest stiffed. It wasn’t until then did he realize that he was naked. He didn’t have the habit, but neither did he feel uneasy when standing naked. However, when he looked at Florence’s shy face, his eyes twinkled with playful smiles. He aboveboard squatted down in front of her and said with a smile, “You’ve used it so many times. Why are you so shy to look at it now?”Florence felt more annoyed. Covering her eyes, she stammered, “You. you. I haven’t got used to it. ”Since Florence answered so seriously, Ernest curled up his lips into a brighter smile. His knuckled fingers pinched Florence’s chin, raising her face a bit. His handsome face approached her. Lowering his voice, he asked ambiguously, “You should look at it more so you can get used to it. ”