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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 663: Ernest’s Care and Love

“If you mention taking her to Raflad again, I’ll cut your tongue!” That was the unconcealed threat. Addison shushed in fear. Although Mr. Fraser trusted him, and they grew up together, Addison knew clearly that his tongue would be cut for real if he had pissed off Stanford. Ignoring Addison, Stanford gazed in the direction where Phoebe left deeply. Over there, he couldn’t see that escaping figure any longer. He felt extremely irritated as well as empty as he was floating in the mid-air without any place to land. The journey to Raflad would be way too dangerous. They were forced to take Florence over, but he wouldn’t allow Phoebe to follow them into danger. However, if he let her leave. Recalling what Addison said just now that she would soon see another man, Stanford felt as if his heart was pinched by a big hand, which squeezed forcibly with increasing strength. He felt as if his heart would be crushed. He felt so upset and depressed as if he would explode soon. His body was fulfilled with feelings that he had never had before. Addison distanced himself from Stanford weakly, so that he would be safe from the irritable man who could vent his anger on him at any time. However, looking at Stanford’s expression that was with the unconcealed feelings, Addison knew what was in his mind. Stanford was stubborn while being obsessed with Phoebe. Addison wondered why it was so difficult for Stanford to admit that he liked Phoebe. He decided that he must push Stanford harder. He couldn’t watch Stanford lose Phoebe without doing anything. Phoebe couldn’t go back to City N like this. Otherwise, Stanford and Phoebe would never be together. Rubbing his chin, Addison started to scheme. Since they didn’t want to take Phoebe with them, Addison would find another way. Phoebe didn’t know that such a big argument was caused because of her. Nor did she know that someone was scheming on her. With two bags of things, she trotted into Florence’s courtyard like running for her life. She trotted to her room directly and locked the door. Leaning against the door, she panted. Her face was so pale, and she looked extremely depressed and upset. Although she had decided to give up, whenever she met Stanford, she couldn’t help feeling suffered. This man was like poison as well as the salt sprinkled on the wound. Whenever it was touched, she felt the pain. However, she couldn’t dodge. She could leave earlier, but she was reluctant. She wanted to stay until she had seen him off safely. Only that would she be reluctant to leave. “Phoebe Jenkins, you are so helpless,” she muttered to herself, patting her face. She disdained herself. After a long time, she finally adjusted her mood

The water glass also fell on the floor. The room was in a mess. Tammy was confused, but she kept a professional smile

. She said, “Miss Fraser, it’s time for lunch. Mr. Hawkins asked me to deliver the dishes for you. ”As she spoke, Tammy pushed the trolley in. Seeing that it was Tammy, Florence finally relaxed her tensed nerves. She patted her chest. “You freaked me out, Tammy. Why didn’t you knock on the door before entering?”She had thought that it was Ernest. After all, Ernest wouldn’t knock on the door sometimes. Tammy looked a bit embarrassed. She hurriedly explained, “My hands were full just now. I noticed the door wasn’t closed, so I used the trolley to push it open directly. ”Since the door wasn’t closed, she didn’t think that she would disturb anything. Obviously, she had made a mistake. Phoebe was a bit embarrassed. She said in a weak tone, “I forgot to close the door when coming in just now. ”She entered the room in a panic just now, so she didn’t pay attention to it. It turned out to be an unintentional mistake. Fortunately, Tammy knew the matter about the pills, so Florence’s secret wasn’t disclosed. With a smile, Florence waved her hand. “It’s alright. Tammy, you can put the dishes here. By the way, has Ernest said if he would come back for lunch?”As she asked, Florence pulled the quilt back and picked up the contraceptive pills. She pressed the box of the morning-after pill into the garbage can. Then she hid the other bottle in the innermost corner of the nightstand. Phoebe and Tammy watched Florence’s movements without making any remarks. Tammy answered, “An hour ago, Mr. Hawkins called me and asked me to prepare some dishes for you according to the menu. He didn’t mention if he would come back or not. ”Florence wondered if the menu was also prepared by Ernest deliberately. She looked over at the dining table, only to find some light dishes with a tonic soup. There was no spicy food at all. Florence was speechless, wondering why the dishes were so light. When she was confused, her phone started ringing. She picked it up, only to find that it was a message from Ernest.