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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 694: Ernest’s Domineering Manner

As they talked, Ernest pushed Florence to arrive at the dining room. The woman and Bonnie hurriedly followed them over. Andrew was obviously quite rich. There were a big courtyard and lots of rooms in his house, and his dining room was quite huge. In the middle, there was a rectangular wooden table, on which there were dozens of dishes, looking so abundant and delicious. Florence, who hadn’t eaten properly for a long time, instantly drooled. She excitedly looked at the dining table that was getting closer and closer. However, right then, the woman showed up in front of her, blocking her way. Casting her a disdainful glance, the woman immediately looked over at Ernest with a flattering smile. “Mr. Hawkins, please enjoy your lunch. Please let me take care of Ms. Fraser, “ In Chinese etiquette, the guests would obey the host’s arrangement. Although this woman was extremely annoying, it was her house. Ernest and Florence guessed that they had certain etiquette on the seat arrangement. Florence didn’t want to get into trouble again. She turned to Ernest and said, “Please let her do it. ” Ernest pressed his lips. After a hesitation, he released his hands on the handles. The woman immediately walked up and took over the wheelchair. She nodded at Florence politely and then turned the wheelchair to the corner. Avoiding the dining table, they went to a corner of the dining room. Florence was surprised, wondering why the woman took her here. While she was still confused, she saw Bonnie put a blanket on the floor. Another little girl who had helped Florence assisted Bonnie. They quickly put three dishes on the floor. All three dishes were vegetables. Then a big basin of plain rice and four rice bowls were put beside them. The woman stopped and said to Florence rudely, “Get off. Eat. ” After that, she walked over, sat cross knee on the blanket, picked up a bowl, and started eating. Florence gaped at her. There was a huge table of dishes in the center of the dining room, but why did they need to eat such dishes miserably while sitting on the floor? She looked back - the dining table was quite big, but only three persons were sitting at it - Andrew and two little boys. Ernest was standing aside and hadn’t sat down yet. He gazed at her deeply, feeling quite surprised obviously. Andrew was quite smart. With a smile, he explained, “Mr. Hawkins, please don’t mind

The woman was freaked out by Ernest’s attitude. She couldn’t help shivering as if she had felt a chill that rose fast from her soles into her temples instantly. She felt so fearful

. She realized how horrible this man was. She was so frightened for no reason. However, the woman had never heard that any woman could eat at the table in this country. As if her three outlooks were broken down, she couldn’t accept it at all. She said in a trembling voice, “Mr. Hawkins, she’s just an unimportant woman. You don’t have to. ”“Ho! Unimportant?” Ernest curled up his lips and chuckled. His disdainful gaze shocked the woman as the electricity. “Florence is my treasure. Everything about her was above me. I’d rather be stabbed for ten times than letting her get a small injury. ”His sharp gaze fell on her light fiercely like the lightning. “Mrs. Ande, I’m warning you just for once. You can hurt me or insult me instead of doing that to Florence. Otherwise, I’m afraid you can’t bear the consequences. ”He was threatening her undisguisedly, quite arrogant. The woman widened her eyes in shock as if her soul was hit heavily. She couldn’t believe what she had heard at all. She was always cautious and careful, worshiping men as her gods for the past decades. The idea had been deeply rooted in her mind already, which had become her life motto. However, Ernest, a superior man, thought a woman more important than his own life. He also spoke those words that were frightful to the ear, declaring that everything about Florence was above him. How could it be possible?She couldn’t help changing her attitude towards Florence because of Ernest’s threat. Andrew Ande had been abroad before, so he knew how equal men and women were outside their country. Hence, he wasn’t shocked so much when hearing Ernest’s words. However, inwardly, he admired how much Ernest cherished and treasured Florence. He didn’t think he would be able to do it all his life. He understood the equality between men and women outside his country. However, he was born and grew up in Raflad, the custom had been carved into his bones. Hence, he took it for granted.