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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 295: Ernest’s Inner Thought

Confess? Florence felt that to be even more unimaginable. She only spoke with difficulty after a few seconds, “Harold, stop joking with me. ” “How would I dare to joke with you regarding this?” Harold exploded. As what he had expected, having courted her for that long, he had not even given her a simple confession. It was no wonder Florence only wanted to cancel the marriage. Any lady with some pride who had some hope and expectation in their marriage would not sacrifice their life-long happiness for a marriage without love and feelings. Although Harold felt aggrieved and amused at the same time, he still admired that part of Florence’s personality. At least she did not marry Ernest because of his power. If she did marry him in the future, she must have done it genuinely. Only a marriage which both people loved each other was then a marriage that could bring the most happiness. Harold tidied up his thought for a while and immediately told her with a serious look, “It’s okay, Florence. Having lived for that long, he’s never liked any girl, not to mention courting someone. Maybe to him, claiming that he wants to marry you is his biggest confession to you. He did like you from the beginning, but he won’t force you to marry you. He wants you to marry him on your own accord, that you truly like him. So he’s actually been waiting for you all these time. ” Harold’s words were exactly unbelievable bedtime stories to her. Yet every word hit her on the heart. Ernest liked her? Ernest really liked her? All these time, the reason every time Ernest said he wanted to marry her was not because of his family’s benefit, not because of his grandma, it was because he only wanted to marry her? It turned out the thing she had not dared to believe and had found to be unimaginable all the time was all true? Florence’s eyes glazed over into space. Her mind went blank and she was slightly absent-minded. Her heart was racing out of control. “Florence, if you had actually liked Ernest even just for a bit, you should give both of you a chance, at least have a try?” Harold persuaded with effort. As Ernest’s best friend, it was the first time he saw him liked someone that much. He certainly hoped Ernest could marry Florence, or else, he felt that he would not see Ernest get married until the end of his life

Her body was incredibly stiff. What could she do even if she knew it earlier? What said had been said, the marriage had been cancelled, and everything between her and Ernest was done. She was gradually engulfed by a sense of helplessness

. …“What? Madam Hawkins is really preparing for the wedding?” Gemma’s surprised and angry voice was heard from a luxurious room. The man clad in black standing before her answered with his head low, “Yes, and the wedding is going to be grand too, just half a month later. ”“How could that be? Didn’t Ernest already say the marriage is cancelled?” Gemma still felt doubtful. She knew Ernest’s personality. He was a man of his words, even Georgia could not really force him. She had spent so much effort to find out that Florence had returned to the Hawkins’ Mansion followed by Ernest that day, and the final outcome was Ernest declared that he wanted to cancel the marriage himself with assertion. She was in a happy mood that Ernest finally gave Florence up and the absurd marriage agreement was finally put to an end. Yet she did not expect that Georgia was that stubborn! Both of them had declined the marriage yet she still insisted to organize the wedding. She could not guarantee that Georgia would not use means to force Ernest and Florence to marry each other during the wedding day. She could not help but worry, after all, Ernest had respected Georgia all the time. If Georgia really forced him, he might give in. Plus, he liked Florence that much and Florence was the one he was going to marry. Gemma scratched her head and looked apprehensive. She could no longer place a bet on that matter. She had finally waited for Ernest to give Florence up himself, and she could not let them get back together no matter how. Her eyes instantly became evil and cruel. She ordered the man in front of her, “I want you to do something for me. ” The man instantly approached her and listened to her words attentively. Even though he had gone used to do shady things, he still felt a little terrified as he listened. As expected, women were horrifying if they were determined to be cruel