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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 152: Ernest’s Woman

When Florence woke up, she felt a sharp pain in her brain. She felt very drowsy. “Ah. ” She moaned in pain. She was shocked to find that her mouth was covered with duct tape and she couldn’t make a complete sound. “Ah…Ah…Ah, ah!” Florence immediately decided to tear off the duct tape with her hands. However, to her horror, she found that her hands were tied behind her back with a rope. All her movement now was restricted. What the hell did she do to her? Florence looked around in panic and found out that she was in a factory that hadn’t finished building yet. There were messy and discarded materials all around the place. There was a field of endless overgrown grasses outside. The place was very isolated. “Ah…ah ah ah!” Who will come to save her? She endured the pain in her brain, struggled to sit up, and tried to move her body. At this time, she could hear the hurried footsteps from outside. The yellow-haired man and a few people came there. When they saw Florence, they had a lewd look on their faces. “Lady, woke up already? You wake up at the right time. It seems like you are also eager to have fun with us. ” “Ah! Ah ah!” Florence was very nervous and her body tensed up. Her scalp was tingling with fear. Not knowing how long it had been, but now these people were finally going to do something to her. She moved her body backwards in fear. Her eyes were glaring red. “Boss, this lady is so pretty and tasty. I’ve never tasted such a good lady. Can I be the first one this time?” A man with green hair rubbed his hands together. He was excited to do something to Florence. The evil thoughts on his face clearly showed his desire. It was so lewd that it made Florence want to vomit. She couldn’t speak, but in her heart, she was terrified. Hoping them not to come over, she chanted Ernest’s name and prayed that he would find her and rescue her. He was her only hope now. If she was raped by these men, her life would be… “Ah! Ah!” Florence tried her best to shout but she couldn’t. She moved backwards and tried to get something in her hand, even a stone was enough for her to protect herself

“I am not bluffing. Just go and look at the news a few days ago. I am Ernest Hawkins’ fiancé and I will marry him in a short while

. ” “Don’t you all know that how big the power the Hawkins’ family has in City N? Even if you guys are ignorant, you all should also know, right? The traffic in the whole city will be closed within an hour. Ernest will find this place and rescue me. At that time, none of you will be able to escape!” The yellow-haired man’s changed his expression hearing these words. He took his phone out immediately and searched for the news about Ernest a few days ago. He saw Florence’s photo, as well as many rumors about her relationship with Ernest. He was so startled that he almost couldn’t hold his phone. They were outlaws and did anything bad but they didn’t afford to mess with the Hawkins’ family, especially Ernest Hawkins. He was a powerful man in the City N, holding a lot of rights. He never thought that a random lady he kidnapped would be Hawkins’ woman…“Boss, what should we do now? We have kidnapped Ernest’s fiancé and he will not forgive us. ”“Ernest is searching the whole city and will soon find this place. If he catches us, we’re all dead. ”“What should we do? How about letting her go…”Some of the men wanted to retreat. Florence listened nervously to their conversation. She felt slightly hopeful. She never expected that Ernest’s reputation worked so well with these few outlaws. If she had known this, she would tell them her identity earlier. Now, she only hoped that they would be terrified and released her. “Let her go? Do you think Ernest Hawkins will let us go? Damn, we all are going to die, and we’re going to drag this bitch along with us!”The yellow-haired man threw his phone onto the ground angrily. His face was full of fierceness. The gaze he looked at Florence was not only evil but also looked like he wanted to kill her. A chill ran down Florence’s back and she hurriedly said, “If you let me go, I guarantee that Ernest will let you all go too!”“Ah, you say you will let us go now. But when the time comes, we don’t even know how evil the way you will use to kill us. The words of a woman like you cannot be trusted. ”With that, the yellow-haired man squatted down beside Florence and rudely pulled her clothes. “If he wants to kill me, I will also make him ashamed. I will let everyone see that how her woman is being raped by several men until she is dead. ”“Fuck off! Don’t touch me! If you really do anything to me, Ernest will kill you like a dog!”Florence was truly terrified. She was just a woman, but she was facing these heartless outlaws in front of her. They weren’t afraid of death. They were so unscrupulous.