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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 541: Escape

Florence bawled and whirled the knife in her hand, putting it straight on her neck. Her strength was not little and the sharp blade instantly pierced her skin. Fresh blood droplets appeared. Benjamin’s expression changed drastically and he chastised, “Florence, what are you doing? Put that knife down!” Clarence who was floating in the water was also dumbfounded and he looked at Florence with extreme shock. He never thought that she would threaten to kill herself just to let him escape…Clarence had unspeakable mixed feelings and contrary to his usual cheerful look, he looked exceptionally serious and somber. “Florence, you don’t have to do this. Don’t hurt yourself, I won’t run away anymore, it’s fine to stay here. ” As he spoke, he was going to swim to the shore. Yet Florence yelled assertively with her eyes red, “If you don’t want to see me die, then go! It’s not far from land, hurry up and run away, and find someone to save me afterwards. ” Clarence’s movement stopped in the water. Although he could get help, he had no idea how long he would reach shore and get saved. Florence obviously wanted to save him only. How could a man like him abandon her and left by himself? Benjamin looked gloomy and his voice was cold. “Save your energy, Florence. It’s still far from shore. Plus, even if Clarence’s saved, he won’t be able to keep track of our location, and he can’t save you even he does get help. ” “There’s always chance! Are you scared to make even such a little bet, Benjamin?” Florence sneered and looked determined. “Instead of both of us being taken away by you, I’ll at least have some hope to be saved if Clarence escapes. If you’re unwilling to release him, I won’t have reason to live anymore. I dare you to marry a corpse!” Benjamin looked awful. He hated Clarence to death and never wanted to set him free. He was going to torture him and kill him in the end. Yet now…He pulled down his face and stared at Florence with evil eyes, he sounded determined, “You knew I won’t dare to kill you, if you’re brave enough to kill yourself, go ahead!” Clarence’s expression changed. Benjamin knew Florence was only threatening him and he had no fear. He actually threatened Florence in return. Florence was only an ordinary girl and putting that knife on her neck was already her most courageous act, how would she be brave enough to cut her neck? Florence did not expect Benjamin to counter-attack her in such a way. So he was confident that she would not do it? Florence gritted her teeth and a cruel look flashed across her face. “My life’s nothing. After I die, you won’t get to take charge of the Turner family, and the Fraser’s won’t let you off too

Although his fate was unknown if he escaped now, at least he still had some hope. That was the only thing she could do for him. She gritted her teeth and said clearly while looking at him, “Alright, I’ll wait for you to save me here!” “I will return!” Clarence sounded exceptionally serious

. He had not given anyone promise until now, but he would fulfill his promise to Florence. Without further adieu, he immediately swam to another direction. Watching him swimming further and further away, and Benjamin did not send men to get him, she was finally relieved. Even though she was in a harsh situation, at least Clarence had hopes to be saved. Benjamin did not look good. He was threatened and was even defeated. That was indeed the blot in his whole life. Clarence, I hope you could make it to shore. After this ended, I would definitely get you and chop you into pieces, and let you die the cruelest death to vent my hatred. Benjamin looked at Florence with unhappy face and said coldly with contempt, “There’s one more thing that I think you’ll be interested to know. ”Florence’s heart leapt when she saw his malicious smile and she felt greatly uneasy. As expected, Benjamin continued, “Ernest Hawkins was caught red-handed by Stanford Fraser when he took Clarence Jenkins’ mask and went to the Fraser house last night. His identity was instantly exposed at the scene. ”Florence’s face went cadaverous at once. She had been worried and panicking of that since last night. That was why she kept on cutting the rope to distract herself. She knew Ernest was smart but she still prayed secretly, hoping Ernest could notice something and reverse the situation. Yet her only hope was gone too. Ernest was exposed! And it was even because of that stubborn guy!Stanford would definitely not forgive Ernest, so as her parents. They would hate him to death. It would no longer be possible for her to be with Ernest openly. Florence felt depressed and awful. Benjamin’s mood was only lightened up a little when he saw her disappointed look. He then continued evilly, “Plus, the Turner’s already know that Ernest has been staying with the Fraser’s as Clarence Jenkins. What consequence do you think he would have afterwards?”