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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 563: Escaping

Florence gazed at him coldly. “I’ve never thought my life is more superior than that of anyone else. I just want to live well with my beloved man. It was you who tried to ruin my life so things have come to this far right now. ” Originally, she didn’t need to threaten Benjamin with his life. They could have nothing to do with each other all their lives and lead their own lives. However, for the interests, he kept pestering her, harming himself and others. “Ask them to get out and let me go. Or, I’ll kill you and let them kill me. ” Florence gazed at Benjamin determinedly, looking quite fierce. The scissors were kept stabbing on his neck. Her fingers were slightly trembling. The more she trembled, the more blood flew out of his neck. If she didn’t pay attention, she might stab the scissors further and kill him. All the maids were skillful fighters. They were on alert, trying to get the flaw and catch Florence. However, Florence was way too determined as if she were nuts. If they slightly stimulated her or tried to save Benjamin, Florence might stab the scissors further and directly kill Benjamin. If it were in the past, even Florence put on a blade against Benjamin’s neck, he might not get injured at all. However, he was too weak because of the severe injuries now. He even breathed hard when moving violently. “Florence Fraser, release Mr. Turner and you might survive!” Florence frowned. “Cut the crap! Let me go now! Or I’ll kill him!” She looked at the maids fiercely, unwilling to yielding. The scissors in her trembling hands seemed to go further into Benjamin’s neck. More blood streamed down. Seeing the scene, all the maids were frightened. The doctor standing aside frowned deeply, feeling so worried. “Ms. Fraser, please be careful. Our Young Master is quite weak now. He can’t be injured anymore. If you don’t put down the scissors, you’ll probably kill him. ” Florence’s expression slightly changed. Lowering her head, she looked down at Benjamin. The bandage on his neck was soaked in blood. The blood also stained his chest, and it kept flowing from the small hole on his neck

Besides, Benjamin’s neck was bandaged. If something unexpected happened suddenly, she even didn’t have a chance to cut his neck. Before she could completely escape, she decided to keep stabbing the scissors into his neck to guarantee that her plan could work smoothly

. Florence pushed the wheelchair with the other hand, taking Benjamin out towards the entrance. She walked steadily with tensed nerves, fully concentrating to study others’ movements. She was alone right now and she had no idea how many people were hiding in Benjamin’s place. She guessed that there might be snipers in the dark. She must be fully focused, and only with one-hundred-twenty percent vigilance and attention could she escape. The maids were standing five meters away from her. Seeing Florence’s movements, they snapped in anger, “Florence Fraser, Young Master has promised to let you go. Put down the scissors and stop his neck from bleeding. ”Although the hole was bleeding a lot and looked quite horrible, it wasn’t a big one. Benjamin was still alive after being burnt so miserably, so Florence didn’t think that such a small hole would cause his death. However, those maids had emphasized and asked her to move away from the scissors twice in a row. Looking at their nervous face, Florence pinched the scissors more tightly and clung them to his neck. “Thanks for your kindly reminder. I won’t remove the scissors. If you want Benjamin Turner to be alive, you’d better not play any tricks. ”Upon hearing it, the maids inhaled, looking quite desperate. They didn’t expect that Florence acted in a diametrically opposite way. Benjamin stared daggers at those maids, blaming them for their failures to make it but spoil everything. If they hadn’t kept reminding Florence, probably Florence wouldn’t insist on poking the scissors against his neck. He wouldn’t be killed by such a small hole, but it restrained him completely. Seeing that the maids finally behaved, Florence heaved a sigh of relief. Without a stop, she pushed Benjamin to leave the corridor. As he said, she kept turning left. After going out of the corridor, she arrived at the entrance. Outside the entrance, there was a wide street. Vigilantly, the maids followed her a few meters away. Pointing at a first-class Ferrari parked at the entrance, one maid said, “Florence Fraser, we’ve prepared the car for you. Now, can you release our Young Master?”Florence wasn’t willing to release him since she had just arrived at the entrance. Ignoring the maid, Florence looked over at the Ferrari. It was absolutely a good car with top performance. However, since it was an excellent car, it would attract a lot of attention on the road. It would become a target pretty easily and Florence believed that she could be caught soon if driving this car.