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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 570: Escaping Plan

“I’ve tried some ways, but still I haven’t found a proper way. The only thing I can do now is to keep him alive,” answered Clarence. He didn’t tell Florence that it was already quite difficult for keeping Ernest alive right now. He had no idea how Ernest had survived after getting injured so seriously and floating on the sea for such a long time. Ernest might not be a normal human being. As soon as Florence heard his words, her eyes dimmed. After a long moment of hesitation, she asked gingerly, “How about let me go out and have a try?” “No, please don’t!” Clarence stopped her immediately. “Although I don’t know whether Benjamin Turner has died or not, no matter what, his men must be looking for you everywhere. They might have put more effort to find you than looking for me. As soon as you go out, you’ll be exposed pretty easily. ” They were quite fortunate today to escape from them. Florence frowned deeply. She felt so depressed as if there was a heavy stone pressing on her chest. She couldn’t go out and they couldn’t find any other ways. Should they sit and watch Ernest lying in the coma, waiting to die? Moreover, even Ernest was still alive now, without the proper medical treatment for his wounds, he would become more and more serious. When it reached an extreme and his body couldn’t bear it, something bad would still happen to him. Probably, he would have serious sequelae in the future. Probably, he wouldn’t be able to wake up all his life. “We must get out of here. ” Florence looked up at Clarence, looking extremely determined. She could wait and figure out other ways, but Ernest couldn’t. Clarence didn’t feel surprised to hearing Florence’s decision. Pressing his lips, he continued, “It’s easy to come into the city but difficult to leave it now. Before you came here, I’ve tried all possible ways. ” As the result, he was still trapped here with Ernest. If it were that the city was huge and Benjamin dared not to act so arrogantly, Clarence didn’t think that Ernest and he would be able to survive until today. “Then. Well. ” Florence parted her lips, but she couldn’t utter any good plan. They couldn’t wake up Ernest, go out of the city, and the phone calls were monitored. Should they just be trapped here and wait to die? She wondered if they had no single way out at all. “Florence, please don’t worry. Although we can’t go out town, we can find a way to ask Stanford to come here,” said Clarence, stressing each syllable. Florence’s eyes twinkled. Immediately, she asked, “Do you have any methods?” Clarence answered, “I didn’t figure it out earlier, but your stab on Benjamin had caused a serious injury to him. Even he’s not dead, it would take a long time for him to recover

Everything was ready. Florence thought for a moment. She asked worriedly, “Are you sure those tramps are trustworthy? Would anyone reveal the information to Benjamin’s men?”After all, the plan was relevant to the lives of the three

. Florence had to be cautious. Clarence shook his head. “In such a dangerous place, we couldn’t completely rely on others. “I’ve offered the highest prices to the few tramps I know the most. They would spread the news level by level. A lot of tramps under them didn’t know who I am at all. “Besides, none of the homeless knew this location. Ernest is quite safe here. Nobody would come here to search for him. ”Seeing that Clarence had considered all the things, Florence finally felt relieved. After all, they had hope. She asked, “When are you planning to get in touch with Stanford?”“Tomorrow. ”“Tomorrow? Why?” Florence was confused. Right now, Benjamin’s condition was certainly serious, which meant there must be chaos in his place. Before they had returned to their senses, the message should be sent out as early as possible, shouldn’t it?Clarence’s gaze was a bit complicated. His eyes darkened. He cast a secret glance at Ernest and said calmly, “Ernest’s medicine has been run out. I had an appointment with someone. I’ll get more medicines for him tonight. ”Once the message was sent out, the city would become more chaotic. No matter how panicked Benjamin’s men were, they would focus on searching them. In that case, they might not dare to open the door when hiding here. Without the medicine, Ernest would surely die. Florence immediately nodded in agreement. She said seriously, “No matter what you want to do, I’ll cooperate with you. If you need anything, just let me do it. ”Clarence shook his head, looking over at Ernest unhappily. He said disdainfully, “I’m extremely exhausted to take care of him in the past few days. From now on, I’ll assign this task to you. I don’t want to take care of him any longer. ”All his life, Clarence had never been taking care of a man like a servant, a doctor, and a nurse. Besides, he was taking care of a man, which made him even unhappier.