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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 90: Evasion

After a moment of silence, Ernest said perfunctorily, “I have my own way to deal with this. ” Sensing Ernest had no intention to open up to her, Florence gloomily drank up the wine in her glass in one gulp. She then looked at Ernest with an uneasy gaze, “Then how long will it be until we can call it off?” Ernest frowned. Her eager attitude ignited a flame of frustration in his heart. He didn’t reply and continued to sip his wine with a gloomy face. There was another awkward silence in the room at the moment. The corner of Florence’s lips twitched. Why was it so tiring for her to talk with Ernest? He kept evading her questions. She started to lose patience and said in a dim voice, “I just wanted to know a rough timing or a plan, so I know what’s going to happen. Or else I’ll always feel awkward around Gemma. ” She was now like a half-assed third wheel, a super awkward role to be in. Ernest twitched his brow, “What about her?” Florence stared at him. Was he trying to act dumb with her? Well, she was just an outsider after all. Soothing her emotions, Florence said casually, “I can see what’s going on between you and Gemma. ” After a short pause, she added, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about it. ” Ernest stared back at her with mixed feelings. What could possibly go on between him and Gemma? Yet she said it with such steadfastness. He pursed his lips and leaned towards Florence. In a low and ambiguous voice, he said, “Are you jealous?” She stunned and couldn’t help but blush looking at the man who approached her. She hurriedly moved backwards, “Mr. Hawkins, you’re thinking too much. ” Ernest didn’t let her go with it. He continued to approach her with his stout figure and pinched her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye. “You’re my fiancée, Florence. It’s okay to feel jealous. ” His charming yet seducing voice was like some form of suggestion, making her heart throb. Florence’s heartbeat escalated involuntarily. She blushed again. Was he flirting with her? But he already had Gemma, and they were having an intimate moment in the office just now. How shameless. Florence glared at Ernest

Florence stunned and realized she had misunderstood the situation. They were just viewing some files from work. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to bury herself

. Gemma turned around with a gentle smile on her delicate face, “Hey, Flory. ”“Hey. ” Still embarrassed, Florence replied blandly. “Did I interrupt you guys?”Of course she did. Gemma took a lot effort to find a time where she can spend some time alone with Ernest. However displeased, Gemma put on a smile, walked up to Florence and took her arm as if they were best friends. “No, we were just talking about some petty stuff. ”With that said, she looked at the file in Florence’s hands, “So you’re a designer under Ernest’s direct supervision?”Florence shook her head, “Anthony is my supervisor. I only submit the finalized design to Mr. Hawkins. ”Just like any other proposal, it would only be implemented after getting the president’s approval. But what she didn’t know was that, most proposals and even other designers’ finalized designs would not be supervised by the president in this company. She was the exception. Gemma narrowed her eyes and put her tablet into her bag while trying to hide her astonishment. “You go ahead and discuss your work with Ernest. My matter can wait. ”Florence didn’t want to stay any longer since she was feeling like a third wheel. She walked up and passed the file to Ernest without further ado. “This is the latest design proposal, Mr. Hawkins. What do you think?”She actually felt that such thing as design proposal should be suffice with Anthony’s approval. She didn’t understand why every procedure had to go through Ernest. She was a bit tired from running the errands to get his approvals. Ernest took the file and casually sat on the sofa to view it instead of going behind his office desk like he would usually do. Florence stood aside waiting for him to finish his viewing. Ernest read through the file and pointed at a corner in the file, “What does this mean?”