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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 673: Even Ghosts Also Will Not Buy These Words

He was so good-looking that she would not get tired of looking at him. Florence gazed at him happily for quite a while and then gently and quietly sat up from the quilt. Her action was very gentle as she was afraid that she would wake up Ernest. There was a reason for her to wake up early. Today was the day for her to take the contraceptive pill. However, at any time during the day, she would be staying with Ernest so she absolutely did not have time to take it secretly. She could only wake up a little earlier and take it secretly. After sitting up, Florence looked at Ernest again to make sure he was not awake. She then nimbly took over the backpack that was placed aside. She skilfully took out the contraceptive pill hidden inside and then swallowed it with water. After doing all this, she was going to put the contraceptive pill back. However, a hand moved over and took over the pill from her hand at this time. When Florence had nothing in her hand, she was entirely stunned. Her mind went blank instantly. She stiffly turned her head and saw that Ernest who was obviously sleeping actually woke up at some point and was holding her bottle of contraceptive pills in his hand. His eyes darkened more and more as he stared at the contraceptive pill. Florence was shocked. She did not expect that Ernest would find out at this moment that she took pills. She hurriedly spoke, “I can explain. ” Ernest tightly gripped the bottle of contraceptive pills and it could be seen that his fingers were gripping it forcefully. His face darkened and there was a layer of complicated anger on it. Slowly, he turned to look at her. “Say. ” This one word that was spoken coldly and indifferently was restraining his violent and turbulent emotions in his chest. Florence’s heart tightened even more. She was very flustered and hurriedly explained. “I’m just worried that the journey is uncertain and dangerous. I’m already a drag, if I get pregnant, I’ll hold everyone back even more, that’s why I take this. ” There was eagerness in her brightly lit eyes and she was worried that Ernest would not believe it. But hearing this, Ernest’s face looked even worse. He did not want to doubt Florence but her words were not convincing at all. It all sounded like nonsense. It was even very insincere nonsense. When Florence saw that Ernest’s face looked even worse, she was exceedingly anxious. She reached out and grabbed Ernest’s hand

If you’re sterile, you’ll be dying. But also because of the contradiction, you’re not completely sterile. You guys do it so often now so there is still a one-in-a-thousand chance that you may get a child

. ”Hearing these words, Ernest’s eyes widened in shock. Even he also felt a little unbelievable. He surprisingly had a small possibility to be a father. He looked at Florence with a complicated gaze and said in a deep voice, “If you’re pregnant, you can use the child to save my life. Why do you need to go through all the trouble to continue looking for medicine?”Then they could really go back midway. Florence bit her lips and her mood was very low. When she was still in a dilemma, Collin told him all the truth. Now, it was completely impossible to hide it. She gritted her teeth and said in a low voice. “The child can’t be given birth, it will either be miscarried or stillborn. ”Even if she was pregnant, it would merely increase the burden of her body and eventually cause damage, resulting in having nothing. Ernest stiffened abruptly. He did not expect the outcome was like this. “Why didn’t you tell me?”He stared at Florence. He did not know about this matter until now and Florence still did not say anything. Florence’s eyes flickered even more. She totally did not know how to tell him. Collin said. “We originally thought that in these three years, as long as you don’t have morbidity, you and Florence won’t need to make out. But unexpectedly by an odd coincidence, you two must regularly make out now. ”“So, I told Flory that your body is still possible to have a child so I let her pay attention to it and let you use a condom. ”After a pause, Collin sighed, “The reason why Flory doesn’t say it is because she doesn’t want to make you feel guilty. After all, it more or less causes some damage to the body of a woman who takes contraceptive pills. ”“Stop saying!”Florence loudly interrupted Collin. She looked at Ernest with some panic and unease and anxiously grabbed his big cold hand. She earnestly explained, “This contraceptive pill is good and it has no side effects to my body. It’s easier for me to take the pill. Besides, I don’t like to use condoms either. ”Collin was speechless. Even ghosts also would not buy these words.