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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 347: Even If It Is an Embrace, So What?

Florence’s entire body stiffened. After quite a while, she only then turned her head very slowly and saw the face that had appeared in her dream countless times. Ernest, it was really him! Time seemed to have stopped in a flash. Florence’s eyes reddened. Only God knew how much she missed him and how much she missed his embrace. Ernest looked at the woman in his arms in a complicated mood. He then turned his eyes to look at the oversized doll she was holding in her arms. His gaze abruptly became cold. Not far away, the man who was surrounded by a group of women was shooting. Based on what the women shouted, it was easy to understand that he was trying to win another doll. Florence wanted to get it? So, now only did he learn that she actually like this kind of stuff that was for little girls. Only then did Ernest suddenly feel that he still did not really know her. She did not need him to know her either as she was only willing to frankly show her true preferences and joy in front of another man. He felt extremely bad and angry. He was so annoyed that he was like an erupted volcano that wanted to destroy everything in front of him. Ernest’s face looked even worse and he looked very dangerous. Staying in his arms, Florence could feel a piercing coldness and the coldness was facing her directly. It seemed that he detested her very much. The matter that she was in his arms let him feel very disgusted. The emotion that surged in her mind was instantly clouded with a grey layer. It became so ridiculous. Florence gritted her teeth and detached herself from Ernest’s arms. Her eyes flashed and she pretended to be calm, saying. “Thank you. ” The voice sounded as if they were estranged from each other. It was like they were strangers who never knew each other. Ernest’s face became even colder and more indifferent. Apparently, she never showed a friendly expression to him. It was like that in the past and now, it was even worse. Ernest coldly turned his gaze away from Florence. He coldly looked at the crowded group of people and his tone was cold and sarcastic. “This kind of low-level game shouldn’t appear in the playground. Remove all of them. ” The group of people in charge at the back was speechless. This kind of game was basically considered a standard of every playground. Also, it was so efficient to attract traffic, how would it be considered low-level? How come they felt that they had become innocent cannon fodders. “Alright, Mr. Hawkins. ” But, the leader of the people did not dare to say anything despite having doubts inwardly

So painful. Stanford became anxious. He stood in front of Florence and grabbed her shoulders

. His voice volume slightly increased, “Flory, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me. ” Florence’s eyes flickered and only then did she slightly regain her presence of mind. Looking at the handsome face in front of her, she was on the verge of breaking into tears. All the strong strength that she pretended to have seemed to disappear in a flash. She buried her head into Stanford’s arms and could no longer hold back her tears. After experiencing the pain of losing something, she swore that she would never fall in love with someone again in her life. This feeling was worse than death and could never be gotten over. Stanford held Florence’s doll with one hand and embraced Florence with another hand. He frowned worriedly and his palm was gently patting her shoulder. “Just cry, I’m here. ”In the place where Florence could not see, his gaze was horrifyingly cold and dangerous. Even if he previously did not know why Florence was dazed and sad, now, he could roughly figure it out. Nobody in this world could make Florence break down and cry, except Ernest. Damn. Even after a long time, Ernest was still the thorn in Florence’s flesh. It caused her to feel pain from time to time and made blood flow out of her wound again. The wound in one’s heart was far more painful and excruciating than a wound on one’s body. Stanford slowly patted Florence’s back and his voice was very deep and low. “Flory, go back to Europe with me. ”Florence did not answer. Her tears uncontrollably streamed down her cheeks. Stanford continued, “When one is unhappy, it will be much better to go to other places for a walk. Just think of it as a trip, I’ll take you to travel to various places in Europe. If you don’t like Europe, I’ll take you to other places again to travel around the world! If you want, I can bring you back too. ”Coming back? Florence did not want to. She was even trying to escape from here immediately. She still loved this land and this city but it was also undeniable that she also seemingly still could not get over Ernest. Even if it was hopeless for her to be with him, she also wanted to always breathe in the same city under the same sky as him. But now, she could no longer afford it. Every coincidental encounter and every time they saw each other was torture that broke her down. She was so used to his good traits but she apparently could not bear his coldness and indifference. She did not want to see his leaving back anymore. Florence’s voice choked, “Let’s go to Europe. ” After a pause, she added, “Leave as soon as possible. ”