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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 96: Even the Bed Had Been Prepared

Florence was angry on the perverted behaviour of Collin, she felt embarrassed suddenly. She quickly held her clothes tight, “Mr. Hawkins, I don’t want to do the check-up. I am afraid that there is a camera in another place. ” “I have checked, there is no more camera. ” Ernest kept looking at Florence, his sights were deep. He looked so dangerous at the moment. Florence held her clothes tighter. After she experienced the incident just now, she did not have the courage to take off her clothes in front of Ernest. She stepped backwards uneasily, wanted to keep a distance from Ernest. “I have done ECG before, I know how to do it. Let me do it by myself. ” Ernest narrowed his eyes, his voice was sexy. “Are you shy?” How could she not to be shy to take off her clothes in front of a man? Florence nodded but she felt that the atmosphere was charming so she quickly shook her head afterwards. She was so nervous that she did not dare to look at Ernest, “I really can do it by myself. ” Ernest deepened his sights when he looked at her embarrassed and panicked pattern, he was even furious about it. If he did it for her, he would probably lose control of himself. And it frightened her. “I will stay outside the door; ask me if you are not clear about anything,” Ernest said lowly and walked towards the door. After he shut the door, she was the only one left in the room. Florence heaved a sigh of relief. Then she took out her phone and searched for the process of ECG. Outside the room, Collin leaned against the wall and looked at Ernest with a sense of tease. “Mr. Hawkins is being chased out too?” Collin ridiculed him directly. Ernest did not change his expression; he stood outside gracefully and kept a distance with Collin indifferently. He did not even look at Collin and did not bother him at all. Collin was not being annoyed, he kept looking at Ernest significantly. Ernest was chased out by his fiancée. The relationship between Ernest and Florence was not as close as what others observed

” She could undergo this kind of surgery in any other hospital but she was hurt so badly during the accident. It was impossible to extract a viable ovum successfully. She only trusted Collin and hoped that he would do it successfully

. Collin shrugged his shoulder, “Can. ”As everyone knew, if Collin said he can, he must be able to do so. Gemma was overjoyed, she held Ernest’s arm excitedly and looked at him with reddened eyes and joyful expression. “Ernest, have you heard of it? I can become a mother, I have the chance to become a mother. ”Ernest wanted to get back his hand subconsciously but he was stunned when he looked at Gemma’s red eyes. Gemma would become like this was because of him. He had promised that he would take care of her and protect her like his younger sister. “Yup,” Ernest answered lowly. His response made Gemma more rapturous, she held Ernest’s arm. She felt like she had gotten the entire world at the moment. Florence looked at them, her heart cracked. Gemma’s ovum could be extracted; she could find a surrogate mother to give birth to a baby that belonged to Ernest and her. Mrs Hawkins would not have any reason to object anymore. Now she understood what Ernest meant by the word “arrange”. In fact, it referred to him waiting for Gemma to give birth to a baby successfully. She would cancel their engagement after they went back home. It was a good thing. …Although Collin’s house was a small two-storey house, there was only a bedroom there and one bed in the study room. Other rooms had their function, there was no guest room there. They stayed there for a night, did not know where to sleep. Ernest wanted to take this opportunity to bring Florence away, “If there is no place for us to sleep, let’s go back. ”“Don’t worry, just the problem of beds. I’m not a stingy person, I have arranged for you. ”Collin smiled meaningfully; he agreed to save Gemma just with the intention of staying them for a night. How could he let them go like this?