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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 624: Examination

“What?” All people were too shocked to believe it, their expression changing dramatically. Theodore frowned deeply, looking at Ernest with a complicated expression. Then he asked in a deep voice, “What did Benjamin mean by saying that?” Benjamin was already ruined. If Ernest lost his birth ability, and the Turner family never educated more heir candidates, it meant that there would be no successor for the Turner family for sure. Florence’s hand that was gripping Ernest’s suddenly tightened. Instantly, her face turned as pale as a piece of blank paper. When she was forced to marry Benjamin, Ernest took the sterile drug given by Benjamin to save her. The drug effect worked immediately, making him hardly wished to live. In the past few weeks, Florence deliberately tried to forget about it. She didn’t want to think about it and nor did she want to mention it. She just wished that Ernest and she could be together forever. However, she had never expected that Benjamin would disclose it in front of so many people. Florence could accept to have no baby, but Ernest was the successor of the Turner family. He must have a child to inherit the family. Otherwise, Ernest would still be abolished and experience cruel punishment. Most of the time, Florence disgusted the Turner family for its ruthless rules. “It’s alright. ” Ernest noticed Florence’s mood change. He turned to look at her with deep and tender eyes, “The drug didn’t take effect fully in my body at that time. Collin had already drawn my blood for a checkup. After the result comes out, we’ll be confirmed if I have completely lost the ability. ” Hence, nothing was certain yet. A ray of hope rose in Florence’s sinking heart. Her eyes twinkled, and she felt quite uneasy. She was also touched in surprise. It turned out that when she tried not to mention this matter, Ernest had already asked Collin to give me the examination. If she had known that there would be hope, she would have asked him about it earlier instead of making him uneasy all by himself. Florence held Ernest’s hand tightly. She said determinedly, stressing each syllable, “No matter what the result would be, I’ll be with you forever. ” She didn’t lower her voice, so all people around them had heard her words. Ernest’s eyes were full of tenderness

His voice was quite loud, so Benjamin heard what he said from afar. He tried his best to turn around and looked into the gray-haired elder’s eyes. Benjamin couldn’t see them clearly, but his deep gaze touched his heart

. The gray-haired elder was a master, Aldrich Turner, in the Turner family and was only inferior to Theodore Turner. He started educating Benjamin since Benjamin was a kid. Aldrich brought up Benjamin in person and made him become what he was today. He was also the man who had put great expectations on Benjamin and supported him the most. Aldrich was a stubborn man with clear purposes. If he still believed that Ernest wasn’t qualified to inherit the Turner family, he wouldn’t give up on Benjamin easily. Hence, Benjamin believed that he still had the chance if he put the hope on Aldrich. A ray of hope rose in Benjamin’s dimmed eyes. Stanford curled up his lips into a sneer. He said in an extremely disdainful and ironic tone, “Anyway, I’m not going to kill him immediately. I’ll torture him for another period of time. If you want to see him, I can arrange it. It doesn’t matter. ”As he spoke, Stanford glanced through all the Turners at the scene with a threatening look. He said in an arrogant and aggressive tone, stressing each syllable, “No matter who else wanted to watch, please feel free. You can see in person what he would end up to since he has the balls to hurt the little princess of our Fraser family!”His words were like a slip in the gray-haired elder’s face. Instantly, Aldrich pulled a wrinkled long face, waves of anger piled up one after another. Today, he as well as the Turner family had been seriously humiliated and forced, but none of them dared to utter a beep. How ashamed!If Ernest truly would inherit the Turner family, Aldrich wondered if the Turner family’s name would be changed to Fraser. He gritted his teeth, looking at others, and said, “Since it’s not confirmed if Ernest Hawkins has lost his birth ability or lot, we can decide the heir after the result comes out. ”Before giving others any chance to consider or object to his suggestion, he added, “When will the examination result come out? It’s an important matter. It can’t be delayed for a long time. By the way, the doctor of our Turner family is also an important figure in the medical field. Probably he could have any way to cure Ernest Hawkins. Shall we call him over and do a checkup as well?”Aldrich didn’t believe the result from Collin’s examination. None of them would suspect Collin’s medical skills, but the Fraser family was now supporting Ernest. Aldrich believed that Collin would probably fake the result for the sake of the Frasers. In that case, Ernest would still inherit the family although he had lost his birth ability, which was not allowed absolutely!