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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 578: Excellence and Sec-killing

The palm was warm. It felt like a warm marshmallow. Florence was rejuvenated by the warmth of the palm. Florence was surprised. She raised her head and saw Ernest’s face. Her eyes turned red. Tears were rolling in her eyes. Florence opened her mouth, and she sounded trembled, “You…you’re awake?” Ernest stared at Florence and checked her out carefully. The more Ernest saw, the harder he frowned. “Is it painful?” Florence stunned. Ernest was asking about her wounds. Florence didn’t felt the pain too much before when she was holding on, but now that she saw Ernest awake and being gentle to her, Florence instantly felt the pain unbearable. Florence hugged Ernest with her shaky hands and nodded. “It’s painful. ” Very painful. From her body to her heart. Everywhere was painful. Florence didn’t know how she held on for so long. Ernest frowned and felt sorry for Florence. He lowered his head and kissed Florence’s hair. “I’ll give you some rubbing later. ” Ernest’s kiss was light, but it was like Florence’s hair could felt the kiss. She got a tingly feeling all over her body. Florence was joyous and blissful. Some rubbing from Ernest. All kinds of dangers and obstacles seemed to be so easily solved when Ernest was around. As opposed to Florence’s joy, Benjamin was sulky and furious. He looked like a demon who got out of hell. Ernest awakened? Benjamin gritted his teeth, “So what if he’s awake? He wouldn’t stand long with all those wounds on him. ” Benjamin was so sure. Both of them survived a bomb. Benjamin was badly injured. He lost his arms and legs, and he needed to depend on a wheelchair and the help of other people to stay alive. Even if Ernest wasn’t as badly injured, he wouldn’t be any better either. Florence was terrified when she heard Benjamin’s word. She started to panic. Florence grasped Ernest shirt. She realized she was too happy to see Ernest awake and forgot to check his body

She hugged Ernest so tightly that she almost forgot to breathe. One of Ernest’s hand was on Florence’s shoulder. He said softly to her, “Be my support

. ”What did Ernest mean?Florence looked at Ernest in confusion. She then saw a woman running towards Ernest with a dagger in her hand before she figured it out. The woman’s dagger was stabbing in Ernest’s direction. The dagger was custom-made. The blade was so sharp that it sent a chill down Florence’s spine. Ernest calmly looking at the dagger stabbing in his direction. He didn’t look panic at all. Before the dagger stabbed Ernest, he reached out his hand and flicked the dagger. The dagger immediately dropped out of the woman’s hand. Ernest quickly grabbed the dagger before it fell onto the ground, then stabbed the woman with it. The woman grunted. Her eyes were widened out of surprise. She looked down stiffly. Then, she saw the whole dagger stabbed into her chest. She couldn’t even see the blade of the dagger. The woman can’t believe that she was sec-killed. The other woman stood beside them and was terrified. She then said stiffly, “Ernest, you sneaked her. ”Ernest sneered. There was a dangerous look in his eyes. “You’ll know if it was a sneak attack if you come and try it out yourself. ”The woman was an experienced fighter, but couldn’t stop herself from shivering. Ernest was obviously badly injured that he couldn’t even stand straight. He needed Florence to support him. He should be weak, and his response should be slow. But he just sec-killed…No, it must be a sneak attack. The other woman got careless. That was why she got killed. As long as she was careful enough, and fully utilize the advantage of Ernest’s immobility, she’ll get Ernest killed. The woman got her strategy planned. She immediately changed her direction and slowly moved towards Ernest in a circle. She wanted to attack Ernest from behind. Florence panicked. She was sweating. “What should we do, Ernest?” Florence asked nervously