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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 205: Extremely Considerate

Depressed, she took the bags into her suit. Then she pulled out her cell phone and sent Reynold a WeChat message. “I’m sorry, Mr. Myron. I forgot to ask how much those things cost. I’ll transfer the money to you. ” On the other side, when Reynold just reached the elevator, he heard the message tone. He tabbed to unlock his phone and saw Florence’s message. Reading the content, Reynold curled his lips up slightly, seemingly that he had understood something. To chat with him, Florence had found such a natural excuse. It must have taken her much effort. However, he never liked to flirt with a woman using the cell phone. Hence, Reynold locked the phone screen, put it in the pocket of his trousers, and walked out of the elevator gracefully. Florence hadn’t received his reply, so she thought Reynold was busy. She didn’t urge him though. Anyway, they would have plenty of chances to meet in the next few days. She could ask him about it at any time. Florence didn’t open the boxes of the skincare products. They were different from the brand that she usually used, but the effect would be almost the same if she just used them for a short period. She was worried about the dress because the size did matter. Florence took out the dress and tried it on. It was a red dress, and its hemline reached her knee. The style was simple and graceful, which was a good design, fitting her very well. The size was perfect. Florence looked at the reflection of her shape that was perfectly represented by the dress. She couldn’t help but feel surprised. She wondered how Reynold chose the dress. How could he choose the right size? It seemed that her coworkers didn’t know her size. Florence was so puzzled. She wondered if Reynold was extremely lucky so he could get the one with the right size by simply picking one up. In the evening… Together with Erica and others, Florence set off from the hotel, arriving at the bar where the gathering was. It was the biggest bar in Riverside City . crowded and luxurious. Many men and women were having a great time there. They had reserved an independent booth on the third floor, the top floor, from which they could see the lively dance floor downstairs. At the same time, they could have their own party without being interrupted. The attendees included the design teams of Hawkins Group and also the team in Riverside City. There were more than twenty of them in total. Hence, it was quite vivid in the booth. They were in the same business and would be the business partners in the following days. Everyone was quite actively doing self-introductions. Soon they became familiar with each other. Although Florence was lying down on the sofa for a whole afternoon, she couldn’t help thinking about Ernest. She didn’t have a good rest. Right now, she didn’t look quite energetic. She just tried her best to hold on. Since it was the first time for them to meet, proposing a toast had become the main way to greet each other. The design team from Riverside City did the self-introductions first

She felt that those people who liked drinking were quite horrible. Florence rubbed the temples while having a migraine, wondering what she should do. On such an occasion, it would be quite impolite to reject other’s toast

. But, if she drank again, she would probably blackout. Besides, she hated the feeling of omitting after getting a hangover. It was just a suffer. When Florence was so depressed that she didn’t know what to do, the glass in her hand was grabbed by a hand with slender fingers. Reynold sat down next to Florence, having the half-drunk cocktail grabbed from her hand. He raised the glass. “Steven, I’ll drink this glass of cocktail for Ms. Fraser. What do you say?”“Of course. Of course. But you can’t only take a sip. ”“Sure. ”Reynold smiled like a gentleman. Then he clinked the glass with that man and gulped down the rest of the cocktail in one breath. Florence was standing aside in a daze. Looking at the empty glass in Reynold’s hand, she slightly blushed. He just drank the cocktail that she had drunk. Reynold didn’t care about this problem at all. After driving away from the man in front of them, he turned around and looked at Florence. “Your face looks so red. Are you drunk?”Florence shook her head and then nodded. “A little bit. I’m all right. ”“You can’t continue drinking, then,” Reynold concluded. At the thought that Reynold didn’t force her to drink and even drank for her, Florence felt so touched. Looking at him, she thanked him. “Thank you so much just now. ”“Piece of cake. ”Reynold smiled. Suddenly, he leaned over, approaching Florence. There was the alcohol smell on this man, so pleasant that it could drown a woman. Florence subconsciously tightened her body, taking a step back. She looked at Reynold in confusion. Reynold pressed his lips. Then he whispered, “I don’t know when they’ll leave here tonight. Would you like to leave now?”Florence took a glance at the crowd who were having fun right now. Since they got to know each other well, they had mixed without being differed who was from City N or Riverside City at all. Judging from the situation, Florence didn’t think they would leave until the wee hours. Florence wanted to leave indeed, but she was in a dilemma. “If I’m leaving now, would it be OK?’“It doesn’t matter. I’ll go with you. ”Florence was confused. Although everyone from the two teams was having fun now, Reynold was supposed to be the protagonist of tonight’s party and he was the VIP. She wondered if it would be OK if he simply left.