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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 230: Extremely Jealous

“Call Florence and ask her to go to work on time today. ” There was a meeting in the morning and the attendance would be taken, so Florence must attend it as well. It was basically a routine meeting every day. Erica wondered why Mr. Hawkins had to call her deliberately for this matter. And he also asked her to call Florence. Erica was so confused. She blurted out, “Mr. Hawkins, has anything happened to Ms. Fraser?” Ernest frowned. “Stop asking anything that you shouldn’t know. ” “Yes, Mr. Hawkins. I’m sorry,” Erica immediately answered and she was frightened. Ernest was about to hang up, but he thought of something. He added in a deep voice, “Don’t tell Florence that I asked you to call her. ” “Okay. ” Erica was more confused, wondering if Florence and Mr. Hawkins had a fight, so she had to be the middle-woman. She was just an employee and couldn’t peep into the CEO’s privacy. Just when Florence finished tidying herself up, a hotel staff delivered breakfast to her. The dishes were all her favorite ones, just like the dishes served last night. She was quite confused. It was normal for the hotel to serve the midnight snack and breakfast to her door, but how could all the dishes were her favorite? It didn’t seem to be any coincidence in this case. She stopped the hotel staff and asked, “Excuse me, do all guests in this hotel have such dishes?” “Not really, Miss. They’re only for guests of the president suite. ” It turned out to be a special service for the rich. Florence nodded and asked again, “Are all dishes served the same in different suites?” The hotel staff remained smiling and answered patiently, “Yes, Miss. ” Since all dishes were the same, it could only be a coincidence. Florence looked at the dishes on the table, still feeling suspicious. She could smelt something fishy. But she couldn’t find what on earth was wrong. She had to sit down and have breakfast first. After taking a few bites, she heard her cell phone ring. She unlocked the phone screen and found that it was a call from Erica. It was not time for work yet. Florence wondered why Erica was calling her. She thought that she hadn’t gone back to the hotel and Erica was the team lead. Maybe Erica had known it and now she was called to blame her. Florence felt a sense of guilt. She swiped to answer, “Hello, Miss Patrick. ” “Hi, Florence, have you got up?” “Yeah. I’m having breakfast,” Florence answered obediently. Erica said in a gentle voice, “That’s good. We have something important to announce in the meeting this morning. Please don’t be late. ” “Okay

Florence didn’t suspect, but she ignored the taxi that was approaching her. She directly bypassed it and walked forward. Then she stopped in front of a high-end car

. The door of the driver’s seat was open, and Reynold got off. With a gentle smile, he walked to Florence and asked in concern, “Morning, Florence. Did you have a good sleep last night?”“Yeah. Not bad. ”Florence pressed her lips and smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed. “Mr. Myron, thank you so much for picking me up deliberately. You really don’t have to do this. ”“I live nearby, so I can pick you up to work on the way. ”Reynold smiled and opened the door of the passenger seat. Florence got a call from Reynold when she was walking out of the elevator. Since he came to pick her up deliberately, she didn’t have the heart to refuse. Then she sat on the passenger seat. Reynold also went back to sit on the driver’s seat. He also purposely titled to check if Florence had fastened her seat belt. Then he said, “Are we ready now?”“Sure. ”Florence pressed her lips politely. She felt quite cozy because Reynold behaved like a true gentleman. He was so elegant and gentle as well as considerate. He could take care of her very well. When they got along with each other, they were so relaxed as getting along with friends. That was the important reason why Florence was still willing to friend Reynold after the incident happened that night. Reynold turned to look ahead, started the engine, and drove away. Right then, Ernest was standing in the hotel lobby and watching the whole scene clearly. Gloominess was written all over his handsome face. He emanated a wave of frightening anger. The temperature of the whole lobby had dropped below the frozen point. Everyone felt so cold and very scared. With a tightened body, Timothy stood beside him. He gingerly comforted Ernest, “Maybe Mr. Myron sent Ms. Fraser here, so he was responsible to pick her up as a gentleman. ”“Responsible?” Ernest repeated this word. He became more furious. His fingers clenched tightly and blue veins popped out on his fair hand. It seemed that a thrilling earth-damaging power was brewing inside him. Why would Reynold Myron be responsible for his fiancee?Reynold did have a death wish!“Go back to the hotel,” Ernest uttered the words coldly. Then he strode out. As soon as he walked out, the stressed atmosphere in the hotel lobby vanished immediately. The air pressure was released. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Timothy’s heart jumped to his throat. Frightened, he watched Ernest’s angry back, wiping off the cold sweat oozing on his forehead. He had a bad hunch that something would happen definitely