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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 618: Family Business of the Turner Family

The helicopter landed stably. Stanford walked down first. All members of the Turner family smiled, glinting in the direction behind him. The news said that Ernest also came back with him. Earlier, the Turner family send someone to take Ernest back from the Fraser’s. In the halfway, Stanford went back to his words and hit all the bodyguards sent by the Turner family. He took Ernest away in private. Although they didn’t know what Stanford’s plan was, judging from the current situation, Stanford was on Ernest’s side. It would be more difficult for them to deal with Ernest, then. Sure enough, under all the sharp gazes, Ernest followed Stanford to step out of the helicopter. As soon as Theodore confirmed that it was truly Ernest, his eyes became cold, sharp, and darkened. All the bodyguards moved their hands instantly onto their weapons, ready to catch him at any time Instantly, the atmosphere became tightened, suppressed, and full of danger. However, Ernest was pretty calm as if he didn’t sense the hostility at all. He stepped down the helicopter and turned around elegantly, reaching out his palm towards the door of the helicopter. Then all of them saw a hand all into his palm. Florence took Ernest's hand. With the latter’s help, she stepped down from the ladder. Seeing Florence, all of them were shocked. Florence Fraser? They wondered why she was there. Hadn’t she married Benjamin and been spending the honeymoon with him? However, they could tell how intimate Ernest and Florence were. They stared at each other affectionately. It was no doubt that they were in love. They wondered where Benjamin was. Theodore looked more annoyed. Despite that he hadn’t greeted Stanford, he stared daggers at Ernest sharply. He snapped loudly, “Ernest Hawkins, how dare you come back? Where is Benjamin? Did you do anything to him?” After the wedding, Benjamin was supposed to bring Florence back to the Turner family and go through the procedure as the successor of the family. However, Benjamin made an excuse to delay his return. He said that he would spend the honeymoon with Florence first. They agreed, but Benjamin directly disappeared a few days ago. Members of the Turner family were always busy with their own businesses. They wouldn’t be online all the time, but they had internal phone lines. If there was anything urgent, they could always contact each other. However, Theodore used the emergency call but failed to contact Benjamin. When he was worrying and wondering if Benjamin had some accident, Ernest came back. He even came back with Florence together aboveboard

Ernest was his only biological grandson. They were related in blood. Originally, when he came back to the Turner family, he was the only successor who was qualified to become the next master

. However, he was too unruly and uncontrollable. He had given Ernest a lot of chances, trying to tame him, but Ernest kept being against him. “Ernest Hawkins, since you still called me Grandpa. You must obey my order. The change of the successor has been already decided. No matter if you agree or not, you must obey it. “But you should rest assured. After the punishment of abolishing your right of succession, I’ll keep you alive. I can also send you back to City N and let you lead a safe life. ”Let him lead a safe life? Did he mean the completely ruined life that Ernest would be paralyzed, without any sexual ability, and unlike a human or a ghost?How could Ernest be willing to use his life to exchange for lingering on in a steadily worsening condition?It was truly the love from his biological grandfather, wasn’t it?Ernest snorted and asked in a cold tone, “What if I’m not willing to?”Theodore immediately had a cold face. His eyes became extremely sharp in danger. A gray-haired man, who was standing behind him, pulled a long wrinkled face. He snapped, “Ernest Hawkins, do you think you still have the right to say no?”As soon as he finished speaking, the bodyguards standing around them immediately pulled their pistols, pointing at Ernest with the black muzzles. Watching the scene, Florence instantly inhaled, her heart hammering. Subconsciously, she was quite nervous and about to rush over to stop them. Stanford pulled her to stop again. With an annoyed face, he repeated, “This is the family business of the Turner family. ”She shouldn’t meddle in. Florence felt a chill rising along her spines. Waves of anger surged in her heart. Ernest used to block bullets for her and experience all kinds of dangers with her. Now, he was facing the persecution and threat of those people. How could she be standing there and being an onlooker only?“His family business is also my business!” said Florence affirmatively. Then she broke free from Stanford’s grip, trotting to Ernest and standing by him. Stanford gazed at her receding figure, frowning deeply. Right now, the situation was still full of uncertainty. Stanford didn’t want Florence to be so intimate with Ernest. Ernest didn’t his expression at all when facing countless muzzles, still calm. However, when seeing that Florence trotted to him, his eyelids shook violently.